Voice of Equestria

Episode 12

May 26, 2012

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Welcome to Voice of Equestria Episode 12!


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About how we can’t come up with a topic. -Dalken

How about we just say this is an extended discussion episode and thus the space for the topic was used across the other parts of the show? - Scorch_Mechanic

Fan Media Spotlight

Questions and Comments

(if this gets read, may I ask that Scorch read it in Velvet Remedy's voice?)

Bi-weekly? Say it isn't so! Though it is understandable, with the news bit chugging to a crawl. Still, I'm not sure I can make it that long without Scorch's epic voice!

I'm a huge Fallout fan, and have been since the original. When I discovered your podcast, I could come to only one conclusion. Fallout+Ponies = The. Best. Possible. Thing! I have listened to the FOE audiobook as far as it's gone, and have resorted to reading the text version whenever I have free time, which, sadly, isn't often.

Query. Have any of you had any training, formal or informal, in voice acting? Do you have any interest in a voice acting career?

Anyway, thank you all for such a wonderful 'cast. I will eagerly tune in for every episode.

Your faithful listener,


uh, hey y’all just got some questions to get out of the way

first off Silverlight: how would one get involved in these “Pen and Paper” games you speak of?

second off: scorch I am wondering if I should send you all of Kage’s lines for my audition? Or his single line from chapter 40?

Hope to hear more

Yours JF

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Outro:  "'Til We See Sun" by Deerhooves