2016-2017 Staff Applications

THE CHIMES // staff photographer

Applications due Friday, April 22, to The Chimes Office, located in the Upper SUB

or via email to Grace Gibney at chimes.editor-in-chief@biola.edu

Label each page with your name, major, phone, email and year.

1. How familiar are you with taking photojournalistic shots as opposed to posed shots?

2.What is your projected date of graduation? (Only students graduating May 2017 and later will be considered, as the position is one year in length.)

3.Do you feel comfortable taking “orders” from a photo editor? Are you flexible enough to take assignments at the last minute?

4. What is your vision/goal for the multimedia content online?

5. The Chimes is a web-first publication, meaning content must be generated, edited and uploaded almost every day. How would you handle a job that is somewhat constant and unpredictable?

6.This position may take up to 8 hours of your week. Does this work with your class schedule,and can you handle the time commitment?

7. How familiar are you with web programs?

8. Do you have trouble staying organized, being on time or remembering assignments and deadlines?

9. Please submit a CD or online portfolio of your 10 best photographs.

10. Do you own a camera? If so, what kind?

11. Do you currently have access to the Equipment Room?