Ready Steady Pan

Rules and stuff


This document should lay out the basics of Ready Steady Pan for the newcomer, ready for you to play the matches in a cacophony of CLANG related glory. These rules may be modified at any time; it is your responsibility to check back and ensure you have the current rules. Rules added at a later date will not apply retrospectively to matches already played.

Files required by server administrators can be found at For more information about the tournament itself, visit


The idea of Ready Steady Pan is that only pans and select food items are used. This includes all “lunchbox” items and the jars. An exhaustive list of the weapons allowed in the match are:

Weapons not listed above are not allowed to be used during the tournament at any point. Use of weapons not listed above will result in your team being disqualified for that match.

Vanilla weapons are unable to be blocked by the mp_tournament_whitelist cvar, so the Scattergun etcetera is still available for use. However, actually discharging those weapons is cheating...

Use of passive bonuses such as the Reserve Shooter is also not allowed, and is stripped by the standard config. All hats are allowed in the tournament, including Polycount hats. All misc slot items, with the exception of the Bombinomicon, are allowed. Items that force the player to visit Pyrovision on equip are also not banned.

Class Limits

Ready Steady Pan is meant to resemble standard sixes where possible, so the basic configuration is based on that of UGC 6v6. The class limits are restricted to those classes that can wield the pan. The Medic is disqualified because of his passive regenerative bonus, and the Heavy is banned as 300HP is an awful lot to whittle down using only melee weapons.


The map rotation is:


Matches in Ready Steady Pan generally take the form of three games of up-to-five rounds each. Here’s how it works:

Ready Steady Pan is made up of a North American tournament and an European tournament. In total, this comes to 15 pools of up to six teams each. Each team plays another in their pool for five weeks, before the winner of each pool progresses to the second stage.

Current scores and matchups can be found here.

Substitutes are accepted at all times; you do not need to have written a player’s name down in the roster at signup for them to play.

Reporting Results

Report your results in the “Week X Results Submission” thread at

Record .dem files of your first-person viewpoint for all matches, and keep them handy, just in case.

All matches should be accompanied by a third-person SourceTV demo.

During every match, issue the status command in console, and pastebin the output when you report your results. Failure to do so may result in prizes -- should your team become eligible for any -- being withheld from players playing in that match.


Using a weapon that is not allowable by the tournament rules (e.g. Scattergun, Pistol, Flamethrower, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher, Sniper Rifle, SMG, Fire Axe, Shovel, Bottle, Kukri) is, surprisingly, not allowed. As such: