New calibration data for the DCO


#include <iomacros.h>

// Test ton include the file only one time

#ifndef _NEW_DCO_CAL_

#define _NEW_DCO_CAL_

#define NCALDCO_500kHZ_            0x10AE        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 500kHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_500kHZ, NCALDCO_500kHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_500kHZ_            0x10AF        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 500kHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_500kHZ, NCALBC1_500kHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_16MHZ_             0x10B0        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 16MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_16MHZ, NCALDCO_16MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_16MHZ_             0x10B1        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 16MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_16MHZ, NCALBC1_16MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_12MHZ_             0x10B2        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 12MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_12MHZ, NCALDCO_12MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_12MHZ_             0x10B3        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 12MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_12MHZ, NCALBC1_12MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_10MHZ_             0x10B4        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 10MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_10MHZ, NCALDCO_10MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_10MHZ_             0x10B5        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 10MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_10MHZ, NCALBC1_10MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_8MHZ_             0x10B6        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 8MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_8MHZ, NCALDCO_8MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_8MHZ_             0x10B7        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 8MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_8MHZ, NCALBC1_8MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_6MHZ_             0x10B8        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 6MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_6MHZ, NCALDCO_6MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_6MHZ_             0x10B9        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 6MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_6MHZ, NCALBC1_6MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_4MHZ_             0x10BA        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 4MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_4MHZ, NCALDCO_4MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_4MHZ_             0x10BB        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 4MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_4MHZ, NCALBC1_4MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_2MHZ_             0x10BC        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 2MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_2MHZ, NCALDCO_2MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_2MHZ_             0x10BD        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 2MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_2MHZ, NCALBC1_2MHZ_);

#define NCALDCO_1MHZ_             0x10BE        /* DCOCTL  Calibration Data for 1MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALDCO_1MHZ, NCALDCO_1MHZ_);

#define NCALBC1_1MHZ_             0x10BF        /* BCSCTL1 Calibration Data for 1MHz */

const_sfrb(NCALBC1_1MHZ, NCALBC1_1MHZ_);

#endif // NewDCOCal