Ideas for presentations in the "Providing Professional Drupal Services"

Below are some ideas for those considering speaking in this track. This was just a quick brainstorm session, so if you have anything to add, please e-mail me at  Thanks!

Category: Running a Drupal shop (success stories and case studies)

Speakers: Owners or key personnel of Drupal shops

Audiences: Other key personnel, freelancers,

Potential subject matter:

- How to qualify new customers

- Handling team communication

- Leveraging third party tools like BaseCamp and Unfuddle

- Dealing with billing and finances

- Managing employees

- Qualifying new potential team members

- Using agile and scrum methodologies

- Dealing with competition

- Specialization of employees

- How to build giving back to the Drupal project into a business model

- Creating a culture within your company

- Long-term visions

- Legal issues

- How to train new employees

- Finding clients

- Workflow from initial discussion with client to launch of site

- History of growth (how your company started, how it grew)

Category: Freelancing in Drupal

Speakers: Freelancers

Audiences: Other freelancers, or those looking to cut the tether and become one

Potential subject matter:

- Methods of billing

- Dealing with the legal implications of being a small contractor

- Handling sub-contractors / outsourcing

- Specializing (in theming, programming, IA, UX, UI design, graphic design, etc)

- Tips for references and learning resources

- A top-level view of the workflow of working as a freelancer

- How to build giving back to the Drupal project into a business model

- Tips for leveraging Drupal community participation

- Legal issues

- Starting a participating in Drupal User Groups

- Finding clients

Category: Providing Drupal Training

Speakers: Trainers

Audiences: Trainers, or those thinking about training

Potential subject matter:

- How to prepare for a training

- Leveraging third party tools for remote training

- Training gotchas

- Giving compelling presentations