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To reduce their individual and collective environmental footprints on our home, the Earth, reusers of all persuasions practice freecycling.  They routinely "audit" their possessions and identify surplus stuff... unused, unwanted stuff taking up valuable space in their homes.  Then, using the various reuse  / freecycling venues (FullCircles, Freecycle, ReUseIt, etc), they advertise their surplus articles and gift them to those community members who are not ashamed to be conservers... actively, enthusiastically, proudly, and openly using pre-owned stuff.

An active and vibrant reuse market results in the conservation of tons and tons of our planet's scarce resources and promotes the values of sustainability.  Added benefits are that reusers save money, and are able to live comfortably in smaller spaces when surplus "stuff" is constantly labelled "surplus" and freecycled.  It's a miracle to watch freecyclers convert seemingly worthless, unwanted stuff into valuable community assets which improve the quality of life and the GNH of local community members.

Freecycling / FullCircles / ReUseIt Groups

There are about 40 different freecycling groups within 100 km of Ottawa. The first, largest, and most active group in the region is FullCircles Ottawa with 10,625+ members.  

   FullCircles, a not-for-profit CANADIAN freecycling network, is facilitated by local volunteers living in the Ottawa area.   


To find other freecycling groups near your location, go to: and enter your city, town or postal code.

Most of these local freecycling venues use Yahoo!groups technology and others use Trashnothing.  They are all FREE to join, but you must join in order to take full advantage of these great resources. Join one or more.

Other Local ReUsing Venues (Free and ForSale)

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