Central California Soaring Club

Fee Schedule:  Updated: 12/03/2017

Tow Fees:  Effective 01/01/2018

Rope Break


1000ft Pattern






Each 100ft above 1000


Example:  2300ft Tow


Aircraft Maintenance Fees:

Aircraft use per flight        





DG-100G N132S - Hourly

1hr Minimum - 3hr daily max ($81)

$27      Max $81/day

Initiation Fees:

Full Members:


Tow Pilots:


Student/Family Dependents/Active Military


Event Members


Membership Dues:

Full Members:          


Family Members:


Dependents of Full Members only

Student Members:                 


Students actively enrolled in school or college

Event Members:


Limited to 2 events

Tow Pilot Member:


No use of gliders

Instructor Members:


Certain restrictions apply, ask for details

Associate Members:         


Closed Membership type

Inactive Status


Must Notifiy Directors in advance and remain inactive for 6 contiguous months or past Dues are owed to the club.