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Chapter x: Introduction and overview

Tag: Ch_Intro

Section y: Hardware

Chapter x: General architecture

Tag: Ch_HwArch

Chapter x: Wide-area connections

Tag: Ch_WAN

Chapter x: In-home networking

Tag: Ch_HAN

Section y: Middleware

Chapter x: Software architecture

Tag: Ch_SwArch

Chapter x: Application API

Tag: Ch_AppAPI

Chapter x: Discovery & Device Registration

Tag: Ch_Disc

Chapter x: Metro WiFi

Tag: Ch_Metro

Section y: Touch Display

Chapter x: Display specification

Tag: Ch_Display

Chapter s: Programming model

Tag: Ch_DispProg


Annex z: The prototyping & development environment

Tag: Ch_Proto

Annex z: Summary of abbreviations used

Tag: Ch_Abbrev

Annex z: Some example use cases

Tag: Ch_UseCase

Tom Oinn’s Architecture document:



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