George Steck                                                                                                               September 5, 2011

PED 255                                                                                                                                             Lab A1

(To the whole class)

Just take a seat right here on the green light. My name is George, you can call me coach or you can call me George ready um, today’s game is gonna be hula hoop mania. There’s gonna be 2 taggers and everyone else is gonna run around. When i say hula you go for a hoop. If your tagged you have to stay where you are, stand still and stay where you are, and they only way to get tagged back in is to patty cake (begins patty cake motion) with someone who hasn’t gotten tagged yet. Alright is there any questions?

(To Eric)

Like 3 seconds. You don’t have to sit there and patty cake.

(To Emily)

You go when i say go

(To Sarah)

You what’s your name? Sarah

(To Sam)

And you? Sam

(To Justin)

Boundaries? This black line here and this black line all the way around.

(To the whole class)

When i say hula and your in the hula hoop your safe. And if you run out of bounds. . . . And if you run. . . And if you run out of bounds you have to freeze and you have to get tagged back in.

(To Emily)

Yes it’s black lines all the way around.

(To the whole class)

You guys ready? GO! HULA! Now this is way to easy for the taggers.

(To Sarah and Sam)

So from now on you have to op on 1 foot okay? When we start over you guys have to hop on 1 foot.

(To the whole class)

Ready? GO! HULA! Alright that seemed harder for the taggers, now everyone has to hop on 1 foot. Start over again. Ready? GO! HULA!

(To Nicole)

Yes? One minute ugh okay.

(To the whole class)

Alright now this time, this guy right here Justin is gonna be your new tagger. You guys all have to go on 1 foot because he’s a big guy. Alright ready? GO! HULA! Alright those people that were tag your now taggers. Ready? And GO! HULA! Alright guys bring it in woooo. Alright guys i hope you had fun my name is George and i’m excited for this semester