J. Trenton Jones


Professor Stephen Yang

Verbal Transcript of the Lab

(To the whole class)


Bring it in on the black line.

My name is Trent and today we are going to learn a little about volleyball.

The first thing we are going to do is a bump…I believe.

So how you’re gonna hold your hands is your palms are gonna be up and you’re gonna put one

hand in the other with your thumbs pointing down.

Then your partner is going to underhand toss you the ball.

You’re gonna hit the ball with the under part of your forearms.

Not the side, your upper arms, or your hands.

This would cause the ball to go in different directions and not straight.

SO everyone is going to be like this (gesturing).

Palms up, put the other hand inside, thumbs down, forearms up.

You wanna be in an athletic stance, knees bent, about a shoulder width apart.

 When the ball comes you get down and predict where the ball is gonna come in.

You get under it and bump. Like this, throw up your hips.

 “Any questions” (bad question!)

(To Student)

What part of the body do you wanna hit the ball with?

(To whole class)


You two partners, you two partners.

Here are your balls.

Alright one person on this red line the other partner on that red line here.

Alright partner with the ball now you are gonna underhand toss your partner the ball and the are

gonna bump it back in the correct position.

Alright good.

About two more this partner.

Alright everyone freeze.

Roll the ball to your partner.

Alright the same thing, ready go.

(To Katie)

What’s your name, Katie? On the forearms.

(To Whole class)

Remember athletic stance.


Hold the ball.

On the blue line alright.

We are going to do the set I believe it’s called.

How you’re gonna set the ball is putting your hands in a triangle in an athletic stance.

When it come to you you’re gonna flick it.

Flick it with your finger tips.

We are gonna get into that next class.

Thank you very much.

 I hope you learned something.