From: Ray Sullivan

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:01 PM

To: Glueck, Katie (CMG-Austin)

Subject: FW: Time-sensitive comment request from PolitiFact Texas


Hi Katie – I think your question is best directed to Senator Santorum as the burden of proof for his statement is on him.  


We strongly disagree with Senator Santorum's claims and implication.  Perry has long been opposed to congressional earmarks and other irresponsible spending in Washington.  Additionally, Rick Perry never served in Congress or Washington, never voted for an earmark, and never defended congressional earmarks the way Rick Santorum does.


Rather than attacking Gov. Perry, who has signed six balanced budgets, eliminated government agencies and cut spending, Sen. Santorum  should explain his robust defense of congressional earmarks and pork, including the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, an indoor rainforest, the Montana sheep institute and other unnecessary congressional spending.    


Ray Sullivan

Communications Director, Inc.