Help Desk Student Manager Job Description

Job Title: Help Desk Student Manager


Information Technology (ITS)

Reports To: IT Services Coordinator


Must have been a Team Lead for a minimum of one semester.


The position of Help Desk Student Manager is leadership intensive. A successful candidate will need to demonstrate strong team building, communication, and organizational skills. He or she must have enough knowledge of the services provided, campus technologies, and inner workings of ITS to effectively mentor new Student Associates and ensure that the Help Desk is efficiently and effectively serving the IWU community. The Help Desk Student Manager will work closely with the IT Services Coordinator to examine the needs of the IWU community and oversee the implementation of plans and strategies to improve service provided by the Help Desk.


Overseeing the Help Desk Associates and ensure employees are following proper procedures when interacting with clients

Conducting weekly staff meetings informing Associates about relevant information in ITS and the Library, current trends, and identifying areas of improvement

Delegating and monitoring projects assigned to Help Desk Associates

Communicating with the IT Services Coordinator about current issues in general or at the Help Desk specifically and creating a game plan that will meet the needs of clients

Assuring focus of Help Desk Associates toward the goals of:  service, professionalism, and empowering users

Implementing appropriate behavior modification methods for any Help Desk Student Associate that may not be meeting the expectations and fulfilling the responsibilities outlined in the Job Description

Creating and managing schedules for each semester, finals week, university recesses, May Term, and summer vacation


Thorough understanding of :