FirmEquity’s Legal Research Guide

Greetings. It’s Billy, one of the founders and partners at FirmEquity. I teach a community organized class for Learnapalooza 2011 called "How to be a Lawyer in 45 minutes." My goal is to teach non-attorneys how to think and research like an attorney.

The document also gives insight into how FirmEquity conducts legal research. We focus on using high-quality, high-tech resources that do not cost our clients a dime. We are able to do great free legal research that sluggish, outdated law firms charge thousands of dollars for.

Below is the guide I used to teach the class. It contains links (I did not embed the links to allow you to print the outline as a cheat sheet) to all of the helpful resources. When advising clients, I rely on many of the resources below:

The resources provided above will empower you to research many legal issues. However, if you are in serious legal trouble and the issues are complex, please do hire a sharp attorney. Also, please don’t try to represent someone else. You need to be a licensed attorney to represent another person. If you do not wish to hire an attorney to defend yourself, you can represent yourself pro se.

Please suggest additional resources in the comments below.

Contact me at if you have any questions. You can also call me at 847-207-9064 or Twitter follow @billyjoemills.

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