Stem Cell Extension

In the field of science, research constantly provides new information and discoveries.  For example, the structure of DNA wasn't discovered until 1953, Dolly the cloned sheep was born in 1996, and scientists are still making new discoveries today.  The possibilities are amazing!

Background Information:

  1. Go through Nature of Stem Cells from Utah Genetics.
  2. Watch the following TED talk: Growing Organs
  3. Read: The Stem Cell Debate

Discuss the Information:

Stem cells offer amazing potential.  Yet there are some potential problems, risks, and ethical concerns.  Working with two to three other students complete the following:


After your discussion, pretend you are writing a report for a newspaper on stem cells.  use the information from the provided resources, and/or others you find, to collaboratively write a summary or article for a newspaper.  Your summary will be shared in class and put on your teacher’s website.  Create you summary using Google Documents so that each group member can contribute.  Share your document with your teacher.