Cleaning Nursery Toys

Tips and Advice from Brother Stahl (a very informed microbiologist and health inspector)




1.          Wash in warm soapy water

2.         Rinse off all soap

3.         Sanitize

a.         To sanitize in Bleach water:

Mix 1 teaspoon bleach to 1 gallon of COOL water (Do not use hot water – it caused the chlorine to evaporate) and briefly dip toys into solution

b.         To sanitize in the sunshine (ultraviolet light):

                                Expose each surface of the toy to the direct sunlight for 10 minutes.

4.          Dry (air drying is much better than towel drying


According to Brother Stahl, Clorox wipes are only effective as a sanitizer when the surface being wiped has been cleaned first, as the official definition of sanitization is to “kill pathogens on a clean surface.”


·             To clean stuffed toys, run them through the dryer.  Heat treatment is the preferred method for these types of toys.

·             Washing toys regularly is very important.  Brother Stahl recommends the toys be washed weekly.


Cleaning Schedule for the Stake Center Nursery

After 1st Sunday’s activities of each month = 1st ward

After 2nd Sunday’s activities of each month = 2nd ward

After 3rd Sunday’s activities for each month = 3rd ward

After 4th Sunday of each month = Stake leaders


Thank you for your help in keeping the nurseries a FUN clean place for our children to feel the spirit and learn the gospel.