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r/write is a community dedicated to providing insight, critique, and exposure from novice, to established writers in both print and e-book publishing.

We cater to a large sector of the written word enthusiasts: fiction, nonfiction, popular authors, critiques, editing, feedback, publishing, marketing - if it's related to writing, it's in here.

Please take the time to read our guidelines.

General Conduct

* How to behave.

Submission Guidelines

* How to submit your work.


* Guidelines for flair.


* To help improve your writing.

Suggesting a Link/Partnership

IAMA Requests and Workshops     

* Want to help?

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Community and Publishing

* On help and promotion.

General Conduct

Submission Guidelines

This section covers critique and promotion posts. For articles and links please visit “Suggesting a Link/Partnership”.


For posts where you require feedback for a piece of work.

[Crit] Title of Work [word count][genre]

E.g. [Crit] The Herp of Derp [2500][Paranormal Romance]

Note: Critique Guide coming soon.

Writing Submission

For posts where you are promoting a piece of work.

[Promo] Title of Work [word count][genre]

  1. Ensure the work is in an appropriate format e.g. Kindle, Google Docs.
  2. A succinct description of what your work is about, e.g. A blurb, the description supplied to Amazon.


1. If you wish to add flair to your user name, please message one of the mods. Flair is only available after one pertinent submission in your genre. Flair is for broad categories only. Examples include:




No, you are not going to receive [Young Adult-Vampire-Cyberpunk-Lesbian-Romance].

2. It also may be requested dependant on your role in the community. Examples include:





On the side bar (Note: coming soon) you will find a link to the Resources Page on Redditauthors.com. If you have a link you think should be included, please message the moderators.

The various categories include:

Articles on self-publishing

Designing your own book cover


Narrative structure

Finding an agent

Cover letters


Suggesting a Link/Partnership

r/write is a growing community that gladly welcomes others work and input. If you believe that you have a link/article/partnership that would add to the sub-reddit, then please send a message to one of the moderators.

IAMA requests and workshops

IAMA requests

r/write would love to hear from anyone who believes they can offer their insight into the world of writing, publishing, or anything else that you believe would help the community. Please get in touch with one of the moderators so we can set something up.


Workshops are here to help the community with various issues such as critiquing, crafting a cover letter, to better understanding how to publish online and spread awareness of you and your work.

r/write Community and Publishing

The purpose of r/write’s relationship with Wolf Pack Publishing, Reddit Authors, and the other subs is to provide the community with an arena to display their work. Imagine it as a litmus test, in that the work you submit to us will be examined and reviewed to ensure not only our name is synonymous with quality, but yours is also.

Also, we ask that if you find any of the sites or services useful, please dedicate some of your time to spreading the word. The community evolves and thrives when everybody pitches in.