Do you call it how you see it?

(Why do women get called out of their name?)

Seriously though, this question still confuses me.

        This week i am going to talk about why men or women call women out of their name. I want to survey like 20 men and ask if they have ever called a woman out of their name and why. Just a good idea I think.

So you want to survey 20 men in one day? or look up statistics?

I was going to do it today and look up statistics as well. I wanted to ask people on campus and see what their general idea is.

change your colors.

I’m confused. What do you mean by calling out of their name?

Like bitch,hoe,slut. down grading names>>> We would have to elaborate on other names as well.

I gotcha. I’m getting old.

So who has any other ideas???

I feel like this a good idea, but how far can we actually go with the topic?

Sounds like verbal abuse to me. I would do something with domestic verbal abuse. Whatcha think? as in mental abuse? more so than physical? like verbal more than physical

I was going to break it down into parts. Like is it because of the way they dress? The way they talk? The way they act? things in that nature.

agreed! it can go as far as to how they were raised as well? as in growing up with a lot of guys so thats who they are comfortable around. Or having a lot of sisters so they do not want to be around any females?

They as in women? YES catch up wayne

So what’s the question we’re answering? Why do women get called out of their name

I say make 4 topics that you can talk about before we leave today. so that you have something to base the post off of. That way you can choose which ones you actually might use.

Is this shared with Ms. Sasser?

Ok so questions

1. Do the names offend you if you’re a woman?

2. Do all guys feel the same way about the name calling? Copying their fathers and friends>>>> agreed monkey see monkey do

3.How were they brought up?

4. Do women make it worse? with the way they present themselves?What you wear

attracts certain individuals. Do women like attention it brings? the drama area?

Want me to look up some sources and send them to you?