How to Connect More Fully with Yourself

by Jenny Davidow, M.A. (Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved)


We’ve all experienced “highs” where everything seems to flow with ease: Your senses are heightened. You feel very confident and full of energy. Your body is relaxed or especially coordinated. These are times we long to have more of, but they seem to just happen at random, lucky moments — not often enough.


But what if you could call up a “high” whenever you wanted it? Personal Coaching helps you to communicate with your subconscious and get it fully on your side. You will have the ability to create your own “high” when you need it — in any situation.


Athletes who win the “gold” do not only hone and master their physical skills; they hone their mental skills and positive attitude as well. The same is true in all forms of excellence: You learn how to quiet the doubting or critical voices inside, which distract you from doing your best. Your skills are enhanced and your perception heightened. You rise from a level of competence to a level of excellence. Like world-class athletes, you learn a proven method to get out of your own way, to remove the last trace of self-doubt, so that you can take flight and soar.


An old proverb says, “Do not give a hungry man a fish. Teach him to fish so he will never need to be hungry again.” Personal Coaching gives you a fishing pole and shows you how to dip into the richness of your own subconscious.


Coaching sessions help you to go beyond your conscious process, to experience a deeper connection with yourself. You will:

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