Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) Information


The Career and Technical Student Organization must be part of a nationally recognized CTSO, have an approved constitution on file in the CTE office and be recognized by the building ASB.


The Career and Technical Student Organization must also prepare a written Program of Work each year.  This documentation, along with a copy of the list of member names submitted to their state organization, must be on file in the CTE office by the last Friday in October.  In order to receive a stipend the CTE office MUST HAVE all documentation for your organization on file.


Prior approval is required to start a CTSO or add an advisor to an existing CTSO.  Compensation for nationally approved leadership organizations will reflect current negotiated agreements.


CTSO Documentation should include the following:


o   At least one scheduled chapter meeting per month that includes a club sponsored activity.

o   Attendance sheets for each chapter meeting.

o   Attendance at local and state conferences should a student/team qualify.  Include attendance lists and agendas.

o   Attendance at national conferences if a student/team qualifies to go providing funds are available.

o   Preparation for competitive events.  Include name of the event.

o   Maintenance of necessary chapter records.

·         Constitution

·         By-Laws

·         Charter

·         Financial records

·         Membership lists

·         Dues

·         Reports

·         Annual Program of Work

·         Anticipated Conference Attendance

·         Meeting Schedule

·         Meeting Minutes and Agendas


All initial (highlighted) paperwork is due in the CTE office no later than the last Friday in October.

If you have any questions concerning student leadership organizations this school year, contact Shawna Calvert at x6092