Security Workshop in Åre, 31 Jan - 3 Feb, 2012

(Chalmers and KTH)


The meeting will be held at the Holiday Club, Åre google maps. Single rooms are 1450 SEK per night + 25% VAT, double rooms are 900 SEK per night per person + 25% VAT, including breakfast. We will make your hotel reservation for you, provided you add your name to the list of participants (below) by December 14th.



31 Jan

Arrival at the hotel. A  dinner will be served  at 21hs at the hotel's restaurant.

1-2 February

Morning session from 8:00 to 11:00. Evening session from 16:00 to 20:00. Afternoons free for activities and informal

February 2

Workshop dinner  Villa Tottebo Parkvägen 1, 830 13, Åre at 20:30.

February 3


Please, find here the detailed program.


Please find here a list of outdoor activities you can take part in.

During the afternoons there is an opportunity to take part in outdoor actitivies (skiing, zipline, dog sled, snowscooter safari), some of which require booking. Indicate the activities you like to take part in in the list below, and we will book them for you. If you would like a ski lesson, please indicate that and your approximate skill level. Please complete this form to help us in planning: SkiWishes.

Ski Tips!


1 February - Morning Session (Chair David Sands)

1 February - Evening Session I (Chair Gurvan Le Guernic)

1 February - Evening Session II (Chair Mads Dam)

2 February - Morning Session (Chair Alejandro Russo)

2 February - Evening Session I (Chair Stephen Chong)

2 February - Evening Session II (Chair Daniel Hedin)

This is a joint-work with Richard Bubel and Reiner Hähnle (both from TU



2 February - Evening Session II (TBA)


3 February - Leaving