GLSA April 2012 Board Meeting

The April 2012 GLSA  board meeting was held at Southside Town Hall on April 14th.The following were present: Joe Lepley,Kent Davidson,PeggyJo Fortner,Harry Wahlquist,Carl Swanson, Carole Gertgen,Jerry Dock,Pat Biethon,Lisa Peery,Nancy Pattee Hector , Curt Conrad

and Tom Plihal.

Also present: John Swanson,  Chris Hector, Chuck Lingen, Rose Mary and Don Nelson.

Absent: Jerry Doffing and Mike McNellis (excused)  

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by President Joe Lepley

The special Notember 2011 board minutes were reviewed. Jerry moved and Harry seconded motion to approve. Minutes were approved  

Treasurers report-  attached

  Reviewed and motion made by Jerry and second by Carl to accept.Motion carried.

  Discussion to change from a dues envelope to a dues form . Any suggested changes to form  should be e mailed to Peggy.

 The GLSA state tax resolution was reviewed . Curt moved, Pat seconded  motion to approve it for submission to the state.Motion carried

 Membership update-

 Nancy reported we currently have 309 paid members and 16 life members for a total of 325. Potential membership is about 558.

 Jerry reported the Directory will be ready for a spring mailing. Harry moved and Lisa seconded motion to spend up to $ 1,500 for printing of the directory.

Picnic -Rose Mary Nelson updated the board on the Annual picnic plans. It will be held Saturday August 11 . $ 9,000 has been pledged by sponsors.


Web site -Chris Hector reviewed the new website that is up at It will allow for an easier addition of fresh information like activities,updates and other new information from committees. The updates/newsletter could be sent to members via e mail. Events with narratives,board minutes annual meeting notes could be posted. Submit any information and photos to Chris.

Discussion of possible advertisement on the site/rotating sponsorship was held, various implications were raised. Chris will come back in May with more information. The board gave Chris authority to continue to set up and develope the site. A blog , shared documents  and a web cam are possible.

AIS- Aquatic invasive species   control-Carl Swanson .We have a permit to treat curly leaf pondweed. Application will be done at a water temperature of 50-60 degrees. We were not awarded a grant for zebra mussel monitoring.More volunteers are needed  to attend  a training session. It may be possible to arrange DNR training locally through COLA .This year we are on our own for public access monitoring. Possibilities for the future include:1. the county can have a trained inspector funded equally by GLSA and the county for 1000 hours of coverage, 2.hire/find a company to supply DNR trained inspectors.

Discussion was held about what wake restrictions the board would like implemented by the county.

1.  All persons must operate a watercraft at a SLOW NO-WAKE speed (5 MPH or less) in the channel between East Lake Sylvia and West Lake Sylvia AT ALL TIMES AND AT ALL WATER LEVELS.


2.  When the water level exceeds the Ordinary High Water mark (OHW = 1050.1) for 3 or more consecutive days, a 300-foot from shore SLOW NO-WAKE restriction would be imposed on East Lake Sylvia & West Lake Sylvia, with an allowance for pulling and dropping off of towed riders.

Joe moved and Harry seconded a motion to adopt  the above   wake restrictions. Motion carried.

GLSA bylaws were tabled until the May meeting

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am

Tom Plihal