Diigo releases Version 5.0,  focusing on "Collect and Highlight, on any device" 

We are proud to announce the public release of Diigo 5.0, on June 29, 2010.   With Version 5.0, Diigo moves one step further towards its vision of providing the best cloud-based information management service that enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices. 

Since Diigo started as a social bookmarking service four years ago,  a major update was released every year for the past four years, each taking Diigo to a new height in terms of enhancing productivity for collecting and consuming digital information.   The following chart illustrates the evolution of Diigo very succinctly:

What's new with Diigo 5.0?

- Diigo 5.0 enables the collection and annotation of screenshots and pictures.  

- Diigo 5.0 also enables "Notes", which is best suited for quick personal memos. 

-  An Android phone application called "Diigo Power Note" is being released as a part of Diigo 5.0, which enables android phone users to collect, organize, sync and access a variety of information such as bookmarks, notes, and pictures.   So you can jot down your ideas and thoughts, and take pictures of things you like to be reminded to buy or research later, or business cards handed to you.  With Diigo Power Note, you literally have a photographic memory!

- Web Highlighter for iPad Safari is being released as part of Diigo 5.0, which enables you to highlight and annotate webpages, using fingers,  in iPad Safari,  just as you can with ebooks on iBooks or Kindle. 

- As with each previous major release, Diigo 5.0 has substantially revamped the user interface for improved look & feel and usability.