Resources For Preparing An Ignite Talk

What is in this document

  1. Link to some videos 
  2. examples of different presentation styles
  3. key things to remember as you consider your presentation topic
  4. questions to consider as you craft each slide


Here are a few talks and other videos that can inspire your talk presentations

These two commercials give a sense of how much of a story can be told, and what kind of feeling can be evoked in just a few minutes:

Presentation Styles

Here is some information about Different Presentation Styles, I would shy away from the 10/20/30 rule for ignite, though it is good to know.  I think that the Takahashi Style and Steve Jobs Style are really best for presentations like Ignite.

Plan Your Presentation Topic

Context, Content, Conclusion and Action

What makes you giddy with excitement about your presentation?

Craft Your Slides

When you get down to crafting your slides, you should consider the following questions for each of your 20 slides, really 18 because of your title slide, and final credit slide.

A fantastic resource for images to use on your slides is flickr, if you use the advanced search, you can select creative commons licensed images. Be sure to record the url or user name of the images you use so you can give proper attribution.

Haiku Deck is a new application for creating visually stunning slide decks. An article in the WSJ gives a pretty solid report on how it works.

Presentation Design Resources

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of presentation design, here are some additional resources, though probably not necessary for this one Ignite presentation:

Some online resources:

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