Lakeshore High School – Berrien Countywide Dance Program



INSTRUCTOR                              Mrs. Graziano




                         (269)428-1402, ext. 2099



COURSE DESCRIPTION       This course is designed to focus on modern dance concepts and technique, the

        alignment and anatomy of the body, the origins of modern dance and its

        pioneers, elements of composition, and execution of movement.




COURSE OBJECTIVE    Continue learning and improving technique and modern dance.

Correct and improve body placement and skeletal alignment.

Learn, demonstrate, and recognize different qualities of movement.

Continue building strength and flexibility.

Critique and analyze choreography.

Study the history of dance.

Learn and demonstrate elements of composition.

Create dance phrases individually and in a group.

Perform repertoire.




Dance Binder, pen/pencil.

                                 Proper dance attire:

Females: Leotard/dance tank with tights/jazz pants

                 OR leotard/dance tank with dance shorts (tights optional).

  **Only spandex, tight-fitted dance shorts are acceptable, no open-legged 

    shorts at all.**  

Males:  Fitted tank or t-shirt, pants that aren’t very baggy.


                Proper foot attire: barefoot or “foot undeez”.


Hair pulled back off of face; this includes “wispies” and bangs!


                Large jewelry should be removed for your own safety (watches, big

                earrings, necklaces, bracelets).




              Water bottle suggested.


RESPECT is of utmost importance.

                ATTITUDE & EFFORT: Keep a positive attitude, give your best

everyday, and HAVE FUN!


BE ON TIME!  Tardiness is unacceptable.  You will be allotted 3 minutes at the beginning of class to change into dance attire; beyond the 3-minute point is considered tardy. Tardiness leads to participation point deductions.


ATTENDANCE:  In order to learn, you must be here! 


CLASSROOM PARTICIPATION:  As a dancer, you are expected to participate in all class work.


ATTIRE:  If you look like a dancer, you’ll want to dance! I need to see the line of your body to give you proper corrections and suggestions without distractions of hair and fashion.


WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS:  This portion of your grade and learning experience covers dance terminology, reflections, critiques, concept papers, lighting cues, history assignments, creating brochures, etc. The written assignments are designed to give you a diverse knowledge of dance as an art form rather than just a technique.