Homework: read the blog every day!!

Materials:  The great thing about this class is that all the materials you need will be provided.  However, in order to do so, there is a mandatory $20 class fee that must be paid.  You will have two weeks to pay this fee.  On the upside – if you pay within the first two weeks you will get extra credit. At the end of that time, if you have still not paid, you will no longer be allowed to do any work and your grade will slowly start deteriorating.  If you need an extension on this time frame, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me.  I am very understanding and reasonable.  Also there are forms available in the counseling office if you cannot pay.

Projects:  I have structured the projects in such a way that you will be continuously building on what you have previously learned. That way, it is impossible to fail.  But listen and listen well: I don’t care if you feel like you already know how to do something that the rest of class is working on; everyone must complete the given assignments.  By completing the projects given, your work will improve tremendously. Everyone can be an artist.  Everyone can learn how to make art.  It just takes practice.

Grades: are a mix of projects, assignments, clean-up and participation. The formula for each class is listed on that page. I upload grades to skyward as I get projects turned in. I can accept some late work – particularly if there was a kiln problem, however late work causes errors in grading and no late work can be turned in after a mid-quarter, or quarter or semester.

Note to parents and students – if there is an asterisk ( * ) in the assignment column then it is not yet late – the asterisk just shows the project column exists. A zero in a column in a problem…

Tardies and Absences:  Don’t be late to class.  Just don’t.  If you have a note from a teacher that kept you past the bell, then that will be excused.  Other than that, I’m docking class participation points and your grade will definitely suffer.  As far as absences go, most assignments last longer than a day, so you will already know what you need to work on.  But, it is always your responsibility to find out what was missed and to take the appropriate actions to make that work up.  All of the work is basically done in class, so missing a day, or showing up late constantly can put you behind fairly quickly.  Don’t miss this class and don’t be late.  New lessons will often be posted on the blog.

Rules:  Main rule - good manners make a person nice to be with. So, please be polite. :)  

Here’s the deal with cell phones: Phones are great for taking photos and sending them to yourself so you can upload them on your blog. If I see you texting in class your phone can be taken from you and sent to the office for your parents to pick up. I don’t text in class – you shouldn’t either.

If, however, there is some incredibly urgent matter that requires the use of your phone, just ask me if you can call or text and I will most likely tell you to go out in the hall and take care of your business. Hey, we’re reasonable people here in the art department.


Here’s the deal with food and drinks: This is an art room, which means there are a lot of chemicals and toxins on the surfaces.  I don’t want a lot of students ingesting these chemicals or toxins, getting sick  I don’t care if you have drinks in the room – if they don’t have sugar which is sticky if spilled, or milk which is icky when spilled. Water is the best drink for everyone. But, please don’t leave water bottles and caps around.

And finally concerning iPods: We are in a classroom group where we should interact – we should speak to each other and listen. So I don’t want you to listen to your music. Also it’s a problem with the equipment in the ceramics room – and even worse – it’s a bummer when they get taken since we leave our packs up-front... Best to leave the iPod at home or somewhere safe.

The academic rules are in the planner - and it is very bad Karma to turn in work that is not yours! And really, really, really bad Karma to steal or not clean up. (And plagiarism can lead to failure and lack of credit and lack of graduation...) :P

I am almost always here after school until at least 3:00 if you need extra time to work on an assignment.  I can help then – but mostly it’s work time since after-school is when I do my paper work.