Julie’s Daily Routine

early am

nap, lunch

early pm

Daddy home, family time, cooking dinner, playing, baths

nighttime thought routine

c/d/c: check, declutter, clean -- this is not a deep cleaning, just a restore-to-good-condition upkeep.  Clear clutter from surfaces and “hot spots”, put away things that have jumped out of place, and if it’s time for a vacuum or mop or scrubbing, do it.

day project -- this is a variable-length project that is NOT part of the usual routine: a deep cleaning of an area that shouldn’t have gotten out of whack to begin with, a pile that needs sorted, a large clutter-attractor (mantel, bookcase, chair) that needs cleared, clothes that need switched winter/summer, etc.  The main answer to “what did you do today?”

blitz-clean -- a very brief hyper cleaning like I’d do if I knew company was going to show up in 5 minutes; a quick run-down of a room.

super-work -- a longer period in which something should actually be accomplished -- either a fairly thorough cleaning of a room, or a mini-project: something to show for the day, however small.