OpenStreetMap Foundation
Management Team meeting

Nov 16th, 2011 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET  


Expecting: Michael Collinson, Andy Allan, Henk Hoff, Harry Wood, Matt Amos, Oliver Kühn, Steve Coast, Mikel Maron, Richard Fairhurst, Dermot McNally

Present: Dermot, Henk, Oliver, Matt, Andy, Michael, Richard, Mikel, Harry,

Apologies: Steve Coast (paternity leave)

Minutes previous meeting

October 19th, 2011

Proposed: Andy

Seconded: Michael

No objections >> Accepted

Agenda & Minutes

Presentation outcome Board F2F meeting

The board has had a Face2Face meeting in Seattle Nov 4th and 5th. They would like to share their results with the Management Team.

Minutes doc:

Board wanted to tell management team they have confidence in their decision making. Feel empowered to take decisions.

Working Groups should set out goals for the year

Each Working Group to have a budget of $1000 for short term spending. No need for prior approval, but you do need a receipt (and need to report back what you’ve spent it on) Spending on meeting face to face is allowed

Moderation and Banning was discussed at the board meeting. Banning should occur across all lists and channels. (Further discussion with Management Team)

Long term goals. Goals for each working group. WGs could also discuss how their stuff is related to the four overall goals.

Update from the Working Groups


Nothing happening with DWG at the moment.


Running latest version of Rails

License / Legal

Reached an agreement with Chief Directorate of National Mapping Agency of South African government to gain access to national map database. After signing, a press release will be made together with CWG.

License changeover work. Phase 4 in progress and being monitored by LWG.  Relatively low acceptance rate in Germany. People holding off to know more about the nature of the database changes.

Discussion:  Seek press attention around the license change? Undecided. Harry will discuss further with CWG

Local Chapters

Local Chapters WG has been transferred to Oliver as board representative. Henk and Oliver will get together to get this started again.


We had a meeting last night, the minutes are yet to be published. Main topics were progress on addressing the “flows” issue, the server purchase, tile layers and scaling the database service. We had Harry with us representing CWG.

Also, Rails3 code has been deployed and is being monitored for any performance issues.


Some recent things: facebook pages merged. blog post about tile abuse. Recent announcement about April 1st date.

In the pipeline: fundraising, board F2F minutes, Dev communication


Call for proposals. SteveC volunteered to take the lead on this, but anyone else would like to take it on?


Retropectively looking back over suggestions / requests about OpenStreetMap from the community over the past few years to build a strategy.

Meeting ended 20:08 GMT

Next meeting

Wednesday Nov 30th, 7pm GMT, dial-in