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A Wiki in Moodle ISU 2 is a group of web pages that can be created and edited by students in your course. It is essentially a series of web pages that you and/or your students can work on together without needing to know HTML. A wiki is started with a single “front” page, and each student can add pages by creating links to the front page or other pages that have been created. For more information about what a wiki is please go to

This guide will help you to:

Create a Wiki

  1. Turn Editing On. For more information on turning editing on, please see the Moodle ISU 2 Overview.
  2. In the week/topic you wish to add the resource to, Click the red link Add an activity or resource

  1. Click the bullet next to Wiki to add the resource. Click the Add button.


Note: This will take you to a new screen which will allow you to enter the desired settings for your wiki.

Note: There are several options in each section. There is an advanced option button for some sections. If you select to show the advanced options for one section it will show the advanced options in other sections as well.


  1. Type a name that you would like displayed for your wiki in the Wiki Name text box. This is a required action.
  2. Type a description of and/or instructions for your wiki in the Wiki Description text box. This is a required action.
  3. If you would like the wiki description displayed on the homepage, Check the Display description on course page box.

Wiki Settings

  1. Type a title for the first page of your wiki in the First Page Name text box. This is a required activity.

Hot Tip: It is useful to use the front page of your wiki as a sort of table of contents to keep all the pages organized and allow quick and easy access to them.

Note:  Once the wiki has been created the name of the first page cannot be changed, so double check that it is named what you want it to be and that the spelling is correct.

  1. Select an option from the Wiki Mode dropdown menu.

  1. Select an option from the Default Format dropdown menu.  This setting determines the default format used when editing wiki pages. You do not have to select a format.

Note: These options only set the default mode that students use to edit the wiki. Students are able to switch to a different format if they want.

  1. Click the Force Format check box to prevent students from choosing a different format than the default format selected.

Common Module Settings

This block sets how the activity interacts with groups and groupings, and to a lesser extent the grade book. For more information on groups and groupings, please see Groups and Groupings.

Restrict Access

This section sets the conditions under which students may interact with this activity. For more information on conditional release, please see Conditional Release.

Activity Completion

This section sets the conditions under which Moodle will consider the activity to be complete. For more information on completion tracking, please see Completion Tracking.

Once you have everything set:

Manage Your Wiki

This section will discuss the options presented to you from within the wiki activity. When first entering your wiki the “front” or “first” page will be displayed. You will see tabs at the top of the page which will allow you to modify the wiki.


  1. Select the two versions you want to compare under the Diff column. There will be two radial buttons. The buttons selected will indicate which side of the screen the corresponding version will appear on for comparison.
  2. Click on the Compare Selected button.

Note: Only two pages may be compared at a time. By default Moodle ISU 2 selects the two most recent pages.

  1. Click on the Restore option next to the title of the version you want to restore.
  2. Click on the Yes button to continue with the restore.
  3. Click on the No button to return to viewing the previous version.

Note: Restoring an older version of the page creates a new version with the old versions settings in the page history.  For example; restoring version 5 (old) over version 6 (current) will create version 7, which is actually a copy of version 5. This ensures that student work is not lost, and that the restoration can be undone.

Add a New Wiki Page

In order to add a new page to the wiki you will need to create a link to it from a current page.

  1. Click on the Edit tab.
  2. In the Editing This Page section, Type the name of the new page you want to create and surround it on both sides with two square brackets.
  1. Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Note: This will take you to the View tab where you can see the current wiki page with a link to the new page.

  1. Click on the Name of the New Page link (displayed in red letters) on the current wiki page.

Note: This will take you to the Edit tab of the newly created wiki page.


For more information on wikis, please see

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