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Please keep Copyright laws in mind while using iDOS, just because some applications are 20 years old does NOT make them free. Some companies are still selling these games.


-Intro Questions-


What is iDOS?

-It is a DOS emulator for iOS devices, based off of the open sourced project DOSBox.


What iOS systems are supported?

-Runs the best on iPhone 4 and iPad

-Runs ok on iPhone 3GS

-Does not run well on iPhone 3G

(for iPod touch look at iPhone compatibility)


How do I get iDOS/DOSPAD?

-iDOS – It has been on the App Store twice for everyone to download but has since been pulled.(No word if it will ever be on again since it was a surprise that it got approved even once).


-DOSPAD – Can be installed on all jailbroken iOS devices.

  a) Start cydia

  b) go to manage->Sources

  c) Add the following source:


-Basic Questions-


How do I transfer DOS applications to iOS?

-iDOS v1 – This was easy just drag them into the “File Sharing” area of iTunes under apps

-iDOS v2 – Since in this version File Share was disabled transferring applications needs a few          more steps.

  a) For PC Download “iPhone Explorer” or “DiskAid”. For Mac use “PhoneView”

  b) Connect your iOS device to your computer

  c) Wait for your device to sync with iTunes

  d) Open up your File Share program (works best if iTunes is Closed)

  e) Expand your iOS device and select Apps

  f) Find the iDOS fold under apps (2734h92.litche.idos)

  g) Open up the “Documents” Folder (this is the C drive)

  h) Drag DOS application into the program

-DOSPAD – SSH works well, I am sure File Sharing program will work as well


I have the files into iDOS but how do I execute them?

-Back in the days before we had mice and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), we had command line. What does this mean for you, well that mean you can’t just click on an icon and it works, DOS requires a bit more work.

  a) What your probably looking at right now is ‘C:/>’ (this is good)

  b) What you want to do now is find the file that you want to access.

          *Typing in ‘dir’ will show you all the files in the current location

  c) Once you know the file you access just type ‘cd name_of_file’ and press enter

  d) Now your prompt should look like ‘C:/name_of_file>’

  e) From here find the file you want to launch type it and press enter

  f) If all goes well the application should execute


How do I click and drag?

-Hold one finger on the object you would like to drag, wait until a green thumb print shows on the screen, then use another finger to drag.


Where can I find some games to run on DOS.

-I have found some good games at Good Old Games, yes you have to buy them but then you know they are yours to use and no worrying about copyrights.



This whole command line is great in all but this is the 21st century, I want some type of File Explorer.

-Well you are in luck. Look for a program called “Dos Navigator”


Why does *insert game title here* run like crap?

-Remember this is an emulator; it tries it best to run everything but 100% compatibly is almost impossible. This app doesn’t have a graphic card, its own ram, or a sound card. It is just programmed to think it has those.



-DOS was around before the internet was even thought of so the easy answer for this is no. But you can make some changes to allow it to connect to some systems, BBS I’ve seen, HTML forget about it. (I will not cover this here)


-Intermediate Questions-


Ok, I know how to run applications what is next?

-Now we are ready to customize the app


How can I assign the buttons to different characters?

-This can be found in the ‘dospad.cfg’ file (which can be accessed from Setting>Config)

- Refer to for more information for this


How can I add my application to the in game Library?

-Please refer to for help on this


Word on the street is you can install Windows on this beast, is this true?

-Yes, I am not going to go into details on that here


-Advanced Questions-

How can I change iDOS settings?

-They can be found in ‘dospad.cfg’ *Warning this can cause the app to crash or freeze, it is recommended you backup both the dospad.cfg and the .ipa


-Troubleshooting Questions-


When I type in a file name it comes up file not found.

-The file is not in that folder, you spelled it wrong, or sometimes DOS can be case sensitive.


It is saying requires 32bit system or Windows NT.

-DOS is 16bit newer things aren’t going to work. (Memory addressing is different)


When I launch a game it is coming up with a File System error or I don’t have correct permissions.

-If you don’t have full permissions then some apps will not work right. You need to edit the file to make sure you have full read/write/modify access.


When installing a game it says insert disk.

-You can mount the disk file with ‘imgmount d c:/file.iso –t ios’, if that doesn’t work then it might not work.


-Game Questions-


What games work with iDOS?

-Here is a list (sorry if there are double)


Games: (That I have tested)


Work - well:


Hocus Pocus (have to disable sound to run well)

Wheel of Fortune


Putt Putt Goes to the Moon

All Commander Keen

Dune 2


Work - Laggy(can't really play):


Mega Man X


Theme Hospital

Back to the Future Part II



Doesn't work(some kind of Issues):


Mystic Towers - error in file system

Sam and Max - Memory Leaks

Warcraft - loads but black screen when playing

Carmen San Diego - will not launch

Need for Speed - will not launch


Games: (That others have tested)


Work - Well:


The Immortal

Dungeon Hack

Stunt Car Racer


Epic Pinball

Terror From the Deep

Police Quest 2

Castle of Dr. Brain

Gabriel Knight 1

Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within

Duke Nuke Em

Duke Nuke Em 2

Full Throttle

Battletech: crecent hawks inseption

Quest for Glory 1

Heroes of Might & Magic II


Oh, No! More Lemmings

Holiday Lemmings 1993



James Pond II

Catacomb Abyss


Pushover 2

Leisure Suit Larry


Rise of the dragon

Betrayal at Krondor

Call of Cthulhu

Kings Quest 5

Oregon Trail

Rick Dangerous I & II


Day of the Viper


Seymour Goes to Hollywood

Big Business

Mines Of Titan

Dark Queen of Krynn

Might and Magic 1

Master of Magic

Ally Cat

Waste Land


Circuit's Edge


Turrican 2

Dave Dude

Star Trek: 25th Anniv



Ms. Pacman

Civilizations 1

Sentinel Worlds: Future Magic


Day of the Tentacle



SimCity 2000




Work - Laggy


Frontier Elite 2


Warcraft 2

Destruction Derby

Command and Conquer

Ultima VII

System Shock

The Terminator: Future Shock

Future Shock

Police Quest 4

Ken's Labyrinth

Pirates Gold

Fate of Atlantis

Heroes Of Might and Magic


Sim Tower


Terror From The Deep

Cannon Fodder



Grand Theft Auto

X-Com UFO Defense

Hard Nova

Killing Moon

Falcon 3


Doesn't work(Some Kind of Issues):


Daggerfall - Issues with Memory

Carmageddon - Needs CD



Jill of the Hungle


Metal Mutant

Settlers 2

Red Alert

Pinball Dreams 2

secret agent

Crystal Caves