Minutes from Dance Indy Swing's Board Meeting on March 9, 2011.


In attendance were Cindy Breeden, Rebecca Salley, Marilyn Hall, Brad Pillow, Cary Pettit, Leah Burkman, Jeff Mumford, and  Sheena Randall (via Phone conference.)

Board meeting was started by President - Cindy Breeden.  The new board members were announced for 2011.  President- Cindy Breeden.  Vice President- Leah Burkman.  Financial Director- Rebecca Salley, and Activities Director- Jeff Mumford.  The duties and responsibilities for each position were discussed including exchanging of information/ materials from previous board members.  The bylaws were reviewed and approved from each board member.  An annual report of last years finances and accomplishments were reviewed.


DIS taxes for 2010 are in the process of being prepared to be filed.  Before filing can take place a W-9 and 1099 form from every person being paid needs to be turned in.  Also a list of depreciable assets needs to be created, which would include reviewing DJ equipment.  Cary volunteered to go over the DJ equipment that DIS owns and it's value with Rebecca.


Facebook Update - facebook has been successful to date 223 friends. This is another means for members and potential members to stay in touch and be aware of club happenings and schedule.  Rebecca and Cindy will be in charge of updating DIS's facebook page.

Events/ Activities for 2011 were reviewed.  Sheena is to get with Jeff to go over where things stand for each event and what still needs to be arranged for the events on the 2011 calendar.  Activities/Events on the books for the up coming year include the State Fair, Penrod Festival, and Flashmob at the Castleton Mall.  Details for each event is to be discussed at a later date.


Website update - Brad is to update website with new board members.  A T-shirt ordering link and a "contact us" page will also be added to the website.



         -Take an inventory of current DJ equipment and what needs to be replaced.

         - A better way to store DIS DJ equipment (I.E. storage at Walker).

         - Future Jack and Jill series for summer

         - Package deal...buy a years worth of dances and receive a month (2 dances) for free

         - Adopting a DJ Policy and potential changes to DJ schedule

         - Creating a survey for new attendees to assess level of satisfaction and ways to make the dance better to promote retention and growth.