Era of Dragon.

        At first the world was chaos. The land spewed fire and the oceans boiled. The sky was black and neither sun nor star could be seen. As the molten earth mingled with the scalding water the first dragons emerged and they were named Iletef and Fruren. They stretched their limbs and to the sky they took flight. The beating of their behemoth wings cleared the sky of smoke revealing the Moon, which stilled the earth and sea. Born of the earth the dragons hungered for gems. Spined Iletef searched the land, digging endless valleys and pushing the earth into towering mountains. Furred Fruren dove deep into the waters and dug up through the land creating the rivers and lakes.

        After many years Iletef and Fruren died. Fruren's scales became the first fish. From his muscles came the sharks and other sea predators. From his organs came the squid and octopus. From his bones came the crabs. His fur became the vast coral reefs and endless forests of seaweed. The ocean teemed with life and many dragons found comfort under the waves, living in the caves dug by their forefather.


        Iletef's body fell and where she lay in eternal slumber came the creatures of the land. Her scales became smaller reptiles like lizards and snakes. Her muscles became the birds of every size and type. Her organs became the land animals like mice and foxes. Her bones became the insects and her spines became the grass, trees and flowers. The land thrived and many dragons found comfort in the forests, hoarding gems in the mountains that their first mother had created.

        Even though the dragons settled into their habits of hoarding and mating the sun and moon moved erratically in the sky. The Alacorn came forth and brought order to these heavenly bodies. Ruled by Airin and Ulae, together they settled the Sun and Moon into a balanced dance. Airin bore the Sun across the sky and his family ruled peacefully over the creatures. The rays, now stable, brought new life into the land. The trees grew stronger and bore fruits, from the grass grew the vegetables, the animals grazed and hunted according to their needs. When the animals grew tired of searching or chasing Ulae , with the night sky in his hair, brought the Moon. The moon stilled the creatures much like it had stilled the earth and waters long ago. The creatures and plants slumbered and Ulae and his family stood guard. In the dark they whispered to the creatures, bringing to them dreams and inspirations. In the dark the creatures could rest and heal.

        Rose haired Airin and her family were the noble knights. Wreathed in the sun they stood as examples for the other creatures. With a dignified air they watched over the weak and trained the strong, no matter the species, to use their strength to protect others. It was around Airin and her family that the kingdom of the Alacorn grew strong and stable. Airin was looked up to as the Hero warrior of her time. Before the Alacorn could settle down completely their land was overrun by a sloth of Ursa Major. The attack was so sudden Airin had no choice but to face the charging horde alone. It is said the battle lasted a mere hour before Airin had injured the entire army but she remained composed and never once fatally wounded any of the beasts.

        Many years after the Ursa had been turned another threat encroached on the land the Alacorn had fought so hard to keep. Manticores are wild creatures and never posed a problem to the Alacorn, but something odd came to be. At first none could understand the seemingly random attacks by the Manticores but soon it was clear that they were not random. Whispers began to spread of a talking Manticore that had rallied the others to stand and fight. Airin was away to meet with Ulae so it stood to her siblings, Adiana and Matia to quell this rebellion. Adiana was stalwart warrior but sometimes gung-ho in her duties. Matia was the stoic brother, quiet and decisive. Together they moved to against the creatures. One was captured and questioned by Adiana. Her methods were effective and soon she and Matia found themselves at the lair of Flaremound the Ripper. They fought to the center and found the leader. Matia attempted negotiations and was almost poisoned when Flaremound attacked. Together Adiana and Matia felled every beast that stood against them and scattered the Manticores across the land. Rumors were heard of other intelligent Manticores but never was evidence found.

        Ulae and his family were the mages and artists. Mantled by the moon they plied their trade in the shadows. They were the first to have a written language which they used to chronicle what they saw, learned and created. With the sun and the moon in harmony the land was peaceful. It was around Ulae and his family that the academies were built. Ulae was a shy pony, favoring the comfort of his home and books to the company of others. He would lock himself away for weeks chronicling his research. It was Ulae who created the spell for telekinesis. He stood before his family and with an uncharacteristic show of whimsy he gently lifted the talking scholar. So gently was he raised that the scholar didn't notice until he heard a gasp from the crowd. The scholar screamed but Ulae sat him down just as softly as he had picked him up. Ulae taught others how to manipulate their surroundings and for many of the academics this allowed them to reference multiple materials and write without cluttering their workspace. Ulae soon found a love for teaching.

        One student stood above all others that Ulae had. His name was Ira. This pony was the antithesis of Ulae. Exuberant in his studies he read every thing Ulae took down. With the amount of energy Ira had he found himself growing impatient with the slow way the ponies traveled. He ran everywhere but still found this to be too slow. One evening when Ulae and some colleagues ate and discussed matters of magic and history Ira suddenly appeared in the middle of the table. All was silent for a moment before both Ulae and Ira burst out laughing. Though this find was great very few were taught. The dangers of mass teleportation proved to be too great and though it was still taught few used it willingly.

        Beneath the earth lived other creatures. The two prominent races were the Grundels and another that would later be known as the Diamond Dogs. They were born directly from the stone and in the stone they made their homes. The Grundels were the more prominent of the two, they took the stone and shaped it into works of art, pulling beauty from the Saljarg, or the stone's soul. Though at first the Grundels worked alongside the Diamond Dogs to mine the stone and precious gems they soon found it better to let the sturdy Diamond Dogs mine while they shaped it to their will. The Diamond Dogs found the weak and artistic Grundels to be a nuisance. Diamond Dogs were sturdy like the rock they came from, able to find the best veins of precious stones, and with ease they hunted them. With their claws as hard as their name sake they protected themselves, their treasure, and the Grundels from the other creatures that called the caverns their home.

        The Diamond Dogs were led by their Darnan, king, Mardin. The title of Darnan meant little to their race. He would tell them when they were finished mining in a certain area or if it had become unsafe to dig further. He worked alongside them and had the same food as the others.

        The Grundels were led by Giment. They had no special name for him but his work stood above all others. Many said he not only saw the Saljarg, but could speak to it directly and shape the stone into exactly what it wanted to be.

        Far from the Alacorn lived the formidable centaurs. A roving band of warriors these creatures tested their endurance and strength in battle. At first they were many small nomadic tribes but one began to draw them together. His name was Rhoecus Tirac, a fierce warrior and brilliant strategist. He had won many battles and instead of slaughtering his enemies he would offer them a place in his army. They would receive the same treatment as his other soldiers as long as they swore their loyalties to him. After growing his ranks many times over he no longer needed to fight. He would take a relatively small number of soldiers and march into the enemies camp. Face to face with their leader he would tell them they could either surrender and be brought into his numbers where the leaders would be made high ranking officers in charge of their same soldiers or they could fight and die. Many found their first option to be the smartest choice and would happily swear fealty to him. Others would refuse, at which point Rhoecus Tirac would sound his horn and the camp would be surrounded by a sea of warriors. Most would reconsider his offer and accept but their were some who still tried to fight. One, by the name of Teris Bry, fought hard and managed to wound one of Rhoecus' ears before finally falling. Rhoecus respected his valor and any who showed exemplary medal in the field received the title of Teris-tyx. It would be many centuries before this race would come into contact with any others, but their strong will and warrior prowess pushed them to conquer any they came upon.

        These were the most prominent of races but their were others still. The Lindafu were a feline-like race who were obsessed with their magical abilities. Solitary by nature they went to extreme measures to gain power. Many destroyed themselves in their research and many others simply gave up, the race began to fade out of the world and only stories remain of them.

        There were also the Dragquiverae. A race of shape-shifting lizards. This race was looked upon as odd because they did not have any social structure nor were they solitary creatures. They were the happiest among other races.

        The final race worth noting were the Moochicks. No one can quite agree on their history, though neither can they. Small in size these creatures lived far longer than any of the other races, almost rivaling the lifespans of dragons. Eccentric but wise they lived on the outskirts of societies and some were even feared due to their odd nature.

        These were the races of the world.