I strongly feel that body measurements help you succeed with your weight loss goals.  So many times I have worked my toosh off, ate right, drank enough water and ended up on the scale with a + in lbs or no change at all for weeks.  Normally that would get me discouraged and I would push myself off that moving weight loss wagon just to find myself with my head in the fridge shoveling food in my mouth.  

I first became a huge measurement fan when I read some weight loss articles on plateus and how to triumph through them.  I can now say with out a doubt, every single time that my scale goes up on weigh in day or it doesn’t move at all as if it’s frozen in time, I pull out my trusty tape measure and see the truth about my body.  Every time it has showed a loss in inches.  That loss that I see in the tape when the evil scale doesn’t move, drives me and encourages me to stay on course.  I have learned that when you are disciplined with exercise that sometimes the scale will actually give you a + 1 or 2 lbs.  But those lbs are muscle which is working it’s toosh off to burn fat.   The measuring tape will never lie to you, unless TOM is visiting then please just don’t even look at the tape, turn away and drink some lemon water to get rid of the excess water weight.

So with all of this in mind I have found a diagram to properly guide you in measuring yourselves.

Notice where the lines are are wrapping around the body image above, those are the places you want to place the measuring tape.  I have learned a few helpful tricks for locating the exact areas on your individual body to measure.  

For the waist, if you take the tape and and hold it around your abdomen then tilt upper body to the side as if you are going into a cartwheel, (don’t attempt a full cartwheel unless you have insurance) where the crease is in your side place the measuring tape and you have found your waist.  Stand up straight and measure the circumference.  

For the hips, stand up straight and with measuring tape around your buttox area lift your right leg into the Captain Morgan’s pose.  You will feel a crease where your thigh meets your hip, place measuring tape there, stand up straight and measure the circumference.  

For the Arms, I always take the measuring tape and measure from the end of my shoulder bone down 4 inches and then measure the circumference.  This way I know every time that I have measured in the same exact place, therefore I will see more exact results.

For the thigh area I like to measure from my hip bone down the leg 9 inches and then measure the circumference form the 9 inch spot.  Once again every time I will have an accurate reading,

For the calf, I follow the same rule measuring from the top of my  knee cap down 9 inches while sitting and then measure the circumference.  

If you could also send me your measurement of your wrist, I have made charts for all of us that calculate our Lean body weight, body fat weight, body fat percentage and BMI.  The wrist size is an important calculation for this.

I hope this helps anyone new to measurements.  


I know that we all can be self conscious about our pictures so I have uploaded my before pictures to ease any minds, I am putting myself out there for you all to see.  I am also showing a before any weight loss photo so you can see where I started in my journey.  I picked an outfit that was extremely tight so that when I take my after picture I can wear it and see a difference in the way it fits.  

Above left, taken before starting phen, middle, beginning of Big 10 challenge lost -19lbs,above right, taken at start of Big10 challenge side view.


Above left, from the back