Parent Fact Sheet

Congratulations! By choosing a licensed Family Day Care Provider you have made a

beneficial day care decision for your child. The EEC now invites you to join in a partnership with your family day care provider to keep day care children safe. This fact sheet is designed to outline the information you must give to your provider and to acquaint you with some of the regulations designed to ensure a safe and healthy day care experience for your child. The EEC encourages communication between parents and providers as a foundation for a solid working relationship; and in addition, this office is available as a resource to both you and your provider.

Look for the License

A licensed Family Day Care Home means that the provider has demonstrated that he or

she meets the standards outlined in the Family Day Care Regulations: 102 CMR 8.00. To get a copy for yourself, call the State House Bookstore at (617) 727-2834.

Medical information about your child must be given to the provider within one month

from the day your child begins day care. There are three things the provider will need:

1. A written statement, from a doctor or health care provider, which says that your

child received a physical examination within the past year.

2. Evidence that your child has been immunized as recommended by the Department

of Public Health;

3. If your child is nine months of age or older, a statement from a doctor or health

professional that states that your child has been screened for lead poisoning.


Your child’s immunization record must be updated and given to the provider in

accordance with the Department of Public Health’s immunization schedule. You can get a copy from your Family Day Care Provider; AND, your child’s lead screening report must be updated yearly until your child is four years of age. This report must also be given to the provider. AND, your child’s lead screening report must be updated

yearly until your child is four years of age. This report must also be given to the provider.


The provider must get updated records for your child, each year; to assure that your

child is healthy and safe. Each year you must sit down with the provider and review the

information you wrote in the Child-care Register. This is the time for you to update any

incorrect information, sign the necessary permission forms, and give the provider the most

recent medical records for your child.


Supervision is critical to keeping children safe. Providers must directly supervise the

children at all times. This means that the provider must be able to see or hear the children

without interference.


The provider can hire an approved assistant or a household member assistant to help

care for the day care children if he or she makes sure that the perspective assistant is approved by the EEC. The provider must also tell the child’s parent or guardian the name of the assistant and when the assistant will be helping the provider with child-care.


The provider can only care for the number of children he or she has been licensed for.

You can easily find out what your provider’s licensed quota is, by “looking for the license”.

It is often difficult to understand the regulations governing the number of children

allowed in a family day care home. If you are concerned about the enrollment discuss the

situation with your provider or call the EEC.


The indoor space should be clean, free of clutter and free of any hazards. If you see

something in the Family Day Care Home, which concerns you, talk to the provider or call this office. The outdoor space should be safe and hazard free. There should be no access to the busy street, water, construction materials, rusty or broken play materials, debris, glass or peeling paint.


There are many regulations governing safety in the Family Day Care Home. Most of

these regulations outline common safety precautions, such as latching cabinets which store

dangerous materials, covering outlets, keeping a flashlight on each licensed floor level, having a first aid kit, practicing evacuation drills, barricading stairs, windows and heating elements, posting emergency numbers, using car seats when applicable and providing safe drinking water. Providers and parents often share helpful safety tips, which benefit the child at home or at day care.


The provider is a mandated reporter and must report any signs of abuse or neglect.

Discipline is the provider’s responsibility. The provider cannot use spanking or offer corporal punishment, regardless of what the parent tells the provider to do. Children cannot be disciplined for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet. If the provider uses “time-out” as a method of discipline, the time out cannot exceed one minute per age of the child. The provider must use diapering procedures, which prevent the spread of disease and follows good hygiene practices. Sharing in the provider/parent partnership is the foundation on which Family Day Care is built.

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