Paula Antonini

Title:  Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

Phone: 859-473-3881 (cell)



After 40+ years in Senior Management positions, graduate in 2009 of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, working with individuals and groups as Health Coach for 2 years.

Presentation: Sugar Blues: How to Knock Out the Addiction

Audience: Professionals, entrepreneurs, women

Fee: Varies, based on needs of group


The Standard American Diet is literally killing us. Learn how to conquer cravings for sugar and begin a transition to real food in this engaging and lively workshop.

Presentation: How to Double Your Energy in 7 Days with Food

Audience:  Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Women

Fee: Varies, based on needs of group


Low energy is the Number One complaint of today's busy professional.  We are all running on fumes.  Learn how what you eat determines how much energy you have to be the success you strive for.

Presentation: The Anti-inflammatory Diet

Audience:  Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Women

Fee: Varies, based on needs of group


Inflammation is the root of most chronic disease.  Learn how to choose foods that cool the inflammation and reverse the downward path that leads to getting sick.  

Presentation: Kick Those Extra Pounds to the Curb F-O-R-E-V-E-R

Audience:  Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Women

Fee: Varies, based on needs of group


Learn why diets don't work and what does.

Stop the insanity of yo-yo dieting and lose weight for the last time.

The bonus is that you will be healthier, too!

Avery Buckman

Title: owner of Avery’s Studio and Avery’s Home Design

Phone: 859-312-5364


Experience/Education: 20+ years in business, Interior design at UK and Associates in Architecture at LCC

Presentation: Living Green in the Bluegrass

Audience: anyone wishing to learn more ways to incorporate sustainable living into their daily lives and live more happily within the constraints of the place that they are in

Fee: free

Description: Tips on energy conservation in the home, green living practices in our daily life, and ways to maximize and organize and live within small spaces in enjoyable ways.

Tammy Clemons

Title: Sustainability Activist

Phone: 859-893-9761      


Experience/Education: B.A. Women's Studies (Berea College), MTS (Harvard Divinity School, almost a decade working in higher ed, 3 1/2 years as BC Sustainability Coordinator, 20 years local sustainability activist and 15+ years as homesteader

Presentation: Green Office Workshop

Audience: Any

Fee: Negotiable


Information and resources for making your office a more sustainable workplace

Presentation: Green Event Planning Workshop

Audience: Any

Fee: Negotiable


Information and resources for making your programs and events more sustainable

Thomas Cottrell

Title: Doctor, Winemaker

Phone: 859-533-8759



Education/Experience: Over 30 years in the wine business, managing wineries from 5,000 to 65,000 cases per year, from RI to CA, and consulting: winemaking, business plans, winery design.

Assoc. Prof. of Enology, Cornell 1982-1985

Extension Enologist, UK, 2005 to present

BEP, Cornell, MS, U of Delaware, PhD, U of Rochester


1) Winemaking

2) Considerations for Winery Start-up: Products and Procedures

3) Considerations for Winery Start-up: Processes, Equipment, and Layout

4) Other winery topics on request

Audience: Nascent winemakers and would-be winery operators

Fee: $500 per 45 min presentation plus expenses.


1) Basic steps in winemaking

2) Presenting the details of processing various wine types

3) Building design required by target production and procedures

4) Details of winemaking steps, lab work, etc.

Jim Embry

Title: Sacred Earth Activist

Phone: (859)270-3699


Experience/Education: over 50 years experience as community activist and 20 years in the sustainability movement

Presentation: The Paradigm Shift to Sustainable Living

Audience: any group/sector

Fee: reasonable

Description: I give abut 45 talks a year to K-12, higher ed., conferences, faith and community organizations,

Darcy Everett/Joanna Isaacs

Speaker: Darcy Everett/Joanna Isaacs

Title: Program Managers

Phone: 859.266.1572


Experience/Education: Darcy Everett and Joanna Isaacs have been program managers with PRIDE for over three years cumulatively. They work with over 300 businesses and over 100 apartment complexes helping these organizations implement environmentally-friendly programs.

Presentation: FOG’s (Fats, Oils, and Grease from cooking)

Audience: Businesses, homeowners, community groups, volunteer groups

Fee: Free

Description: In this presentation, Bluegrass PRIDE will teach the audience what FOG is, why it is a problem in Lexington’s waterways, and best management practices to follow when dealing with FOGs. This presentation can be tailored to homeowners or culinary schools.  


Carolyn Gilles

Title: Owner of Bourbon & Beans and The Wholesome Chef

Phone: 646-379-0861


Experience/Education: B.S. Social Enterprise, The New School; Chef's Training Diploma, Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts; Master's in Business Administration, Midway College (in progress)

Presentation: Teaching to cook local foods; How to organize a business around social issues, etc.

Audience: All ages

Fee: Please inquire

Description: Talents in the kitchen and the office! Kitchen: teaches clients about connection between food and health, how to prepare local, seasonal, organic foods that are accessible to average person. Office: helps small business clients integrate social enterprise activities into their businesses, offers strategic planning, branding and communication design, does ad and magazine layout. Strong organizational structure and marketing plans can lead to effective social change.

Tim Hensley

Title: The Mushroom Man

Phone:  859-986-3734



Experience/Education: 12 years of growing, wildcrafting, marketing and

teaching about gourmet mushrooms; as well as permaculture. I have also been

organizing and facilitating educational workshops & retreats at our farm for

the last 5 years.

Presentation:  A variety of programs relating to edible fungi

Audience: those interested in edible fungi

Fee: depends on size of group and how far I need to travel to present; probably $100 minimum

Description: I suppose I need to discuss this with you guys to know how

much detail to go into!

Abigail Keam

Title: Award Winning Mystery Author and Award Winning Beekeeper  

Phone: 859 272 7711


Experience/Education: Ms. Keam is the author of the Josiah Reynolds mystery series which won a Gold Medal from Readers’ Favorite in 2010.

She is also a 16 time Ky State Fair award winner for honey including the Barbara Horn award.  She sells honey at the Lexington Farmers’ Market.

Ms. Keam is a member of the Kentucky Beekeeping Association, Bluegrass Beekeeping Association, Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen and National Society of Arts and Letters


A. The Vanishing Honeybee

B. The Art of Mystery Writing

Audience: Any Age

Fee: Depends on Audience


A. Ms. Keam talks about possible food shortages in the future and how our everyday garden/yard practices hurt the honeybee which provides 1/3 of our food.  She gives practical advice to become more bee friendly.

B. Ms Keam talks about her beekeeping sleuth, Josiah Reynolds, and the history of mystery writing.

Steven D. Mims

Title: Professor/Researcher

Phone: 502-597-8110


Experience/Education: B.S. Eastern Kentucky University; MS and Ph.D. at Auburn University, AL.  Twenty seven years research/development on paddlefish as a food fish and sustainable systems. Teach Fish Morphology and Physiology and Fish Reproduction and Spawning techniques.

Presentation: Sustaining Our Seafood

Audience: H.S. level and above

Fee: none

Description: presentation with a 16-minute DVD explaining sustainable aquaculture production systems and use of decommissioned wastewater treatment plants for growing food fish.

Mary Claire O’Neal

Title : Owner, Mary Claire O’Neal Communication Consulting, LLC

Phone : 859-272-2515

Email :

Experience/Education : Author of the national award winning  GREEN book, Becoming What You Want to See in the World. Communication consultant, speaker, coach for over 15 years. President of the National Speakers Association/KY. Founder and owner of the only Green Press Initiative Publisher, River Birch Publishing, in Kentucky.

Presentation :  Becoming and Being What You Want to See in the World

Audience : Conferences, Meetings, Retreats, Associations, Nonprofits (10--2000)

Fee : Fee quotes available (depending upon time formats and size of group,  non-profit, etc.)

Description : How do you live an inspired, passionate life, becoming a model for others in the world?  The world changes for the better when we change ourselves for the better. This session will contain principles and tools for compassionate communication, living our highest values--increasing joy, success, peace, and unity with others.

Beth Ruggles

Title: DVM, Owner of B's Going Green, LLC

Phone: 859-333-9324


Experience/Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, the Ohio State University 1993; mother of 2 children. 13 years of researching green issues and family health.

Presentation: "Cancer in the Cabinet: What Your Shampoo Isn't Telling You" Approx. 40mins

Audience: Adults

Fee: $100

Description: Explains the complex web of harmful chemicals in common household products, how they affect our health, and how to make changes toward toxin-free living.

Kathy Werking

Title: Owner

Phone: 859-265-0445


Experience/Education:  Creator of Kentucky Green Art Studio and SoapWerks specializing in the making of green home and skin care products

Presentation: Skin and Home Care--Skip the Chemicals!

Audience: Teens and Up

Fee: $100

Description: A fun and interactive presentation on the types of chemicals found in everyday home and skin care and alternatives that are natural, effective, and affordable.