The Client:

You will be working with an imaginary client. Me. I am a local entrepreneur hiring your team as consultants to construct this project.

The Project:

I own a small popular pizza parlor in town “Slices.” Next door to my company is a small video store that I have recently acquired. I am looking to combine both companies into one while also introducing modern technologies such as both a mobile and a web presence.

The Schedule:

The project is broken down into 4 milestones, with deadlines as follows:

Each of these milestones (100 total pts.) will contribute significantly toward the value of your final project; 60 points will come from the actual materials turned in, and 40 points will come from the group evaluations due with each milestone.

At the conclusion of the semester, the last week is allocated for you to present your project to the group. Attendance and participation in this is Mandatory and will be counted toward your grade.


Milestones 1-4 @100 pts. each: 400 pts.
Final Document (Professionally bound): 100 pts.
Final Group Evaluations: 75pts.
Group Presentation and Participation: 25pts