Bronyville Episode 079 - Friendship Is Global

Time : Sunday, November 3rd, Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 79 recorded on November 3rd, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider


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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! -

Episode Discussion: Big Trouble In Little Neighpon - Applejack goes to the Los Pegasus underworld to help her cousin Apple Cobbler rescue her fiance Caboose from the villainous sorceress Lo Pon


Hello again, citizens of Bronyville!

I'm writing in response to the brief discussion of classical orchestral music on episode 78. There's actually a lot of good orchestral brony music, if you know where to look. For example, Makkon, baschfire, and OrchestralDesign write a lot of orchestral music.Yourenigma mostly writes classical piano and jazz music, but he's also written some good orchestral pieces. And if you'll excuse me for tooting my own horn, I've also made some orchestral music (though I'm still a beginner in the world of music making). Those are just a small sample of the orchestral composers in the brony fandom.

I was a bit disappointed with Apple Cider's remarks about some orchestral music not being 'pony' enough. I think that whether a track is pony-related or not should be determined by the intention of the composer, and not necessarily by appearances. I'll admit it would be easy for someone to write orchestral music that doesn't have anything to do with ponies, and then give it a pony-related title to make it appeal to bronies. But it would be just as easy for someone to produce electronic music that doesn't have anything to do with ponies, and then throw in some voice clips from the show to make it appeal to bronies. Unless a piece of music is a remix of music from the show, or has lyrics that make more than a passing reference to ponies, all we have is the musician's word that the music is actually inspired by the show.

I think we should take the musicians at their word. I think creative people should be able to draw inspiration from MLP and use it in whatever art form they desire. I don't think a lack of pony-related lyrics or sound clips should disqualify a piece of music from being pony-related, especially if the genre doesn't really allow for sound clips or lyrics in the first place.

I don't know if that's what AC was referring to, but those are my thoughts on the matter.

Take care, everypony,


Dear all of you (so no one feels left out),

Hi! :3

I have no idea what to put in this letter so I'm just going to go into how I discovered this world of Magic being in the Friendships of diminutive equines. I was in my friends house trying to get some homework done when he(my friend) turns on his computer only to show me his screensaver is that of Ponies. I had heard before of what people called Bronies to those that enjoyed the MLP FIM show. Seeing him confessing to me that he was indeed one of those so called bronies, I sorta laughed at him for being into little girls shows and then went on to explaining to him that he was a guy and thus should be into guy things. I later apologized for making fun of him when he showed me clips of the show on Youtube. Yep, I had fallen in love with these characters and therefore went looking online for the complete seasons. Alas after not even a minute I had found them and quickly consumed them. Thus, my Pony related searches on Google led me to this podcast and to creating my own Pony, a pegasus with Dash style hair and Vinyl style colors and shades. I call him WingBass, due to the fact that he has wings and I enjoy music.

I also really enjoy this podcast not only because its Pony related but also because of it's host, guests and content. Not to mention the fact that maybe this will be read on air and that has never happened before in mah life!  

Anyway, I think it's fair to say that Bronyville Podcast and MLP FIM made my life 20% Cooler.



P.S. Best Pony is Vinyl Scratch because Yes! Favorite Episode is Canterlot Wedding part 2 Because of the Cadence and Chrysalis-Cadence Duet.

P.P.S Excuse my bad writing but I haven't had much practice since I moved.

Salutations from the very much distant Guadalajara! :D

Hello AC, Chef Sandy and Guest(s)

          Firstly Fluttershy is best mane six, and Vinyl and Doctor whooves are both best background, and Part two of the royal wedding is the best episode. Anyway, I asked once before but wanted to try again with how well everything has been going with the podcast. So I once again, would you kindly go into the news section with a 3 Dog intro. It would completely make make my day if it happened just once. Also just a random question, how do you feel about how the fandom seems to hate homestuck?. I myself got curious and read it because i had never heard of it before I was a brony, and personally enjoyed it. Anyway, this Email got bigger than what it started as so I better stop it here before it gets any bigger.

                                                              A faithful listener pyroTim

Hey bronyville cast, all who are awsome. This is a very big fan... My pony name is crank scratch. And I have a question for you all. How did you all start? And what is the names of your crew( obviously pony names ). I feel so very alone in the brony community in simi valley, California. If you have any suggestions please reply somehow. P.S.~ fluttershy is best pony. Princess cadence is best royalty.   ( don't read this on air if you decide to read it) P.S.S. This is my email address to get back to me if you wish to do so through email. Adios brony cool ponies!!!!!

Sent from my iPod

Dear Cider and Chef (and whatever guests are present),

First off, I love your show. Especially the tabletop sessions. You guys

are really funny and give me a good view of what's what up in the brony


Also, don't stop saying AJ is a Background Pony! AJ is my favorite pony,

and calling her a Background Pony isn't making fun of her, it's a badge of

pride. AJ doesn't need as many episodes because she's the only one of the

Six who isn't totally insane! She even got a whole episode dedicated to

how she was right all along! :D

Anyways, my question (I'm sorry if this has been asked before): what

non-background, non-Mane Five pony (ha ha see what I okay anyways) would

you like to see get a song in the show, and what genre of song do you

think it would be? For instance, somepony like Big Mac, or Mayor Mare.

Keep making awesome podcasts,

Goblin Scribe

This year I made a ponies of anarchy costume for Halloween. Just wanted to share the pics with y'all.


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Dear Princess Celestia,

Cursed daylight savings! How you mock me by forcing me to save daylight and then settling my schedule in a spiral! In any case, the folks over at the Malaysian Brony Society show (or MBS Show for short) stopped in to talk about their experiences with the community in their neck of the woods and went over their own sister podcast. And they are awesome super fellow as well. Give it a listen. And I’d like that daylight! Gimme!

Apple Cider

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