Researcher for the Digestive System

Responsibility: As the researcher of the group, you are responsible for using various resources such as the internet and books to  gather
information about the digestive system. You must share this information with your group in order to design and create your digital textbook. Since your role is important as to what information is used in the text, you must be sure to use only sites or books that contain factual information based on evidence obtained from research.

Instruction: You will explore the suggested internet sites and textbooks to obtain information about the digestive system. Be sure to follow the project details section of the class handout that was given to you. All of the sites listed below contain factual information that was put together by people in scientific areas. If you explore other sites on your own, be sure to use sites that are science related and not blog posts or opinion based. For example, any site with the ending .edu or .org are good places to retrieve information.