Summer Holidays Stay Fit

Have you ever gone into the holidays (never mind when) and thought, all the great work I have done this year in Physical Education (PE) and Games is going to diminish in the holiday period?

Don’t despair, follow the simple programme below and when you come back in September you might even be fitter than you was, just remember you are going to get tested as soon as you get back!


Session 2

Press ups, sit ups, squats

Session 3

Sprint from one cone to the other (or a T-shirt and a water bottle) and back and then do 10 burpees, 10 sit up and 10 press ups

So, in conclusion you have three fitness sessions you have to complete each week.  Get a book and record every session, how far you run and how many reps you complete etc.  If any of the above is too hard/easy the first time you do it, adapt the exercise to make it easier…….. Don’t just not do it!

Any questions, just ask…… I am not that scary.

Yours in Fitness

Mr P