How to Add a Website to Your Bibliography

First of all, make sure your selected website is research quality--is the information written by an expert on the subject or are expert sources used on the website?

To add the website to your bibliography:

  1. Select “Website” as your next source on your Works Cited (Bibliography page).
  2. Author: If you can find an author, enter the author’s name.  If it is an organization, like PBS, enter the organization's name in the last name blank.
  3. Page name or article title: Enter the article title or page name (found in the blue bar at the top of your browser).  Be sure to capitalize important words.
  4. Name of Website: This is NOT the address/URL!  Do not enter “www,” etc.  Enter the name of the website, like Fox News.
  5. Publisher/Sponsor: Who publishes the site?  Perhaps a college or company.  Sometimes this is the same as the author or name of the website.  It is okay to repeat.
  6. Date: See if you can find a date on your website.  It is sometimes at the bottom of the page.  Sometimes there is only a year.
  7. URL: Copy and paste the web address, or URL, into this blank.  Note that Noodletools prefills in http://.  So if you paste the whole address, delete that http:// first so you don’t end up with two http://s (your link won’t work).  
  8. Annotation: Explain why this is a good site for your research.  You should explain how you know  your author is an expert.
  9. Click “Check for Errors” and correct any.
  10. Click “Generate Citation.”