Sweet Heat Louisiana Chili

from melskitchencafe.com

1 medium onion, diced

1 large green bell pepper, diced

3 stalks of celery, diced

3 cloves of garlic, smashed or diced

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 pound of ground meat (I used ground beef)

1 quart of meat stock (I used beef but Brad and Cass used 1/2 chicken stock and 1/2 beef stock)

2 large cans (28 oz. each) of whole stewed tomatoes

1 can of kidney red beans

1 can of black beans

2 cups sun-dried tomatoes

3 bay leaves

1 tsp dry mustard

1 tsp cayenne pepper

3 tsp creole or cajun seasoning blend

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

salt to taste

Over medium heat, saute first four ingredients (onion, bell pepper, celery and garlic) in 1 tbsp

of oil. Once the onions begin to sweat, add your choice of ground meat. Brown to perfection.

When the meat is cooked, add the stock, bay leaves, dry mustard and cayenne. Simmer over

medium heat, stirring occasionally, until reduced by half. Rehydrate the sun-dried tomatoes and

dice. Puree the stewed tomatoes in a food processor or blender. Add to pot. Rinse the canned

beans in plenty of water, add to the pot along with brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt and the

cajun or creole seasoning. Mix well and simmer over low heat for two hours, stirring

occasionally. Take off heat and allow to stand covered for five minutes. Serve and enjoy.