CS61A         Summer 2011         Homework 10

Topic: Client/server, concurrency

Reading: Abelson & Sussman, Section 3.4

These exercises use the Instant Message program, found in the following files:




1.  Invent the capability to send a message to a list of clients as

well as to a single client.  Do this entirely in the client program,

so what actually goes to the server is multiple requests.

2.  Invent the capability to broadcast a message to every client.

Do this by inventing a broadcast command that the server understands.

3.  Could #1 have been done with the server doing part of the work?

Could #2 have been done entirely in the client code?  Compare the

virtues of the two approaches.

4.  Invent the capability of refusing messages from specific people.

The sender of a refused message should be notified of the refusal.

Decide whether to do it entirely in the client or with the server's

cooperation, and explain why.

5.  Why is the 3-way handshake necessary when connecting to the server?

6. A&S 3.38, 3.39, 3.40, 3.41, 3.42, 3.44, 3.46, 3.48

Extra for Experts:

Using the Instant Message program as a starting point, write a mail

server and client.  The mail server should maintain a database of messages

for all users.  (This can just be a list; don't worry about efficient lookup.)

The client should be able to do the following:

(mail username message)


Get-mail should return a list of messages, which should be deleted

from the server.

If you want, you can improve this in several ways:  Make deletion from the

server be explicitly requested by the client, invent a subject header (another

argument to {\tt mail}) and have the client show just headers in {\tt

get-mail} and provide another command to read the text of a specific message,

and so on.

Read Section 3.3.5 and do exercises 3.33--3.37.