The Newsletter of District 11 New England

September 2011



If you raced at Sanford last year, but missed the August race, it is not as you remember it.  The town (I assume it was the town) added a large retaining wall along the shoreline for some distance.  Now you can stand at the edge, well above the water with excellent sight lines and without interfering with other racers or pit men.  A large new dock was also installed and compliments to the Southern Maine club for the nice wide stairway they built to bring you to dock level.  This new set-up was well received by everyone.


Attendance was a little light with 38 boats, so the day moved along at a nice pace and four rounds were completed in "quick time".   In what has become the norm, the racing was good all across the board, I recall only one incident involving carnage, the retrieve boat was timely and the end result was that we all had a good time.  Course, some had a better time than others.  I refer to Terry Munn, who entered four classes and went home with four first place finishes!  Great racing Terry!  My thanks to Mrs. Stover for her help with the 50/50 tickets.  She has now done this a number of times now and I have been remiss in not acknowledging her efforts.



 Old balance: $2719.50. There were no expenses. Income: $467.88 reimbursement from NAMBA for 2010 website expenses, race #3 fees: $111 and $34 from the 50/50 raffle. New balance: $3332.38.


2012 NATS

I have approached a local artists school and they are working on artwork for us as a project.  They are examining all the emblems from previous Nats for ideas.  This will be used on the patches and pins, letterhead, etc.....  If you have any suggestions and ideas, please pass them along to me.  Drafts will be submitted to the membership for approval and as soon as we select a design, we'll get the webiste going .



Race #4 this Saturday!  Our second go round at Mansfield this year, so expect some Crackerboxes, Jersey Skiffs and a high boat count!  See you there!