0.1     R   Belgrave-Hallam Rd                                        MGG #6 Go Through Road 22/04/12

0.5     L   at roundabout onto Belgrave Gembrook Rd                                        

3.0     R   Selby-Aura Rd

5.1          continue onto Old Menzies Creek Rd                                        

6.9     R   at T onto Aura Vale Rd                                                        

7.1     R   at T onto Wellington Rd                                                        

9.5     L   into Cardinia Reservoir Park, continue up road to dam wall

11.0        continue along dam wall

12.9        continue on road at end of dam wall

13.0   L   at T onto Red Hill Rd (unsigned. start of dirt)

17.0   L   Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd

19.5   R   Bourkes Creek Rd

25.1   R   at fork onto Huxtable Rd

29.0   L   at T onto Pakenham Rd and then, almost immediately, RIGHT into service station

Checkpoint 1 - Pakenham Upper Servo

29.0   L    Pakenham Rd and then, almost immediately, RIGHT back the way you came up Huxtable Rd

33.0   L    Shelton Rd - Warning! Very steep and corrugated! Careful on corners and watch for traffic!

34.9   L    at T onto Toomuc Valley Rd

39.9   R    Brown Rd

40.9   R    Thewlis Rd

41.6   L    Cardinia Aqueduct Trail

44.0   L    onto Officer-Upper Beaconsfield Road

48.8   R    at T onto Brown Rd

50.3   L    onto LL Rd

51.1   R    at T onto Oneill Rd

54.3   R    onto Hughendon Rd

55.6   R    at T onto Telegraph Rd


56.0   L    at crossroads onto Abeckett Rd (unsigned. cnr of telegraph/armstrong)

56.0   L    at T onto Salisbury Rd

57.0         continue across Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd onto St Georges Rd

60.0         cross the creek, continue up the hill (lol)

60.3   L    Foott Rd

61.0         cross the creek onto Chadwick Rd

63.7   R    at T onto Harkaway Rd

64.7   L    Boundary Rd

67.9   R    continue on Boundary Rd

68.0   L    Belgrave-Hallam Rd

69.0   R    Horswood Rd

70.3         enter Lysterfield Lake Park, turn LEFT into car park and find Trailmix

Checkpoint 2 - Trailmix

70.3         continue south down to dam wall

71.0   R    onto dam wall, ride across and continue off the other end

71.5   R    onto Casuarina Track

74.0   R    Lamberts Track

75.0   L     Logan Park Track

76.6         continue across Wellington Rd onto Dargon Track

78.6   L    off Dargon Track, through gate, go right down to the lakes and through Birdsland Reserve

81.0         continue through carpark and follow road out to McNicol Road

81.9   L    McNicol Road and, almost immediately, RIGHT onto Apsley Road

82.1         continue past end of Apsley Rd onto track, follow track to cnr Bellbird St and Broadway

82.5         continue up Broadway

83      R    Kaola and then, almost immediately, LEFT onto Belgrave-Hallam Rd

84.1   L    Train station carpark - FINISH