Michael Mainguy <mike.mainguy(at)gmail.com> http://mikemainguy.blogspot.com

Goal: Build innovative software solutions

Overview: I’m a senior technologist with extensive experience developing solutions that range from excel macros and ruby scripts to enterprise java web applications.

Recent Accomplishments:

Specific Technologies:ActiveMQ, Ruby on Rails, Java, Databases (Couchdb, DB2, Redis, Hypersonic, MSSQL, MySql, Informix), Gimp, Groovy Grails, HTML 5,  Javascript, JBoss,  JIRA, JRules, JQuery, JSON, Kettle, Korn Shell, Linux, Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Pivotal Tracker, WSO2

Detailed History

(10/2012-present) Accenture Interactive Consultant

Senior Manager

  • Solution architect for global telematics solution based on open source software
  • Led development of integrated ESB solution using WSO2 carbon as the base platform
  • Led design of dynamic and flexible message based middleware

(9/2010-10/2012) Redpoint Consultant

Senior Architect

  • Senior architect for medical charge capture application and implement change control and operational deployment process
  • Senior architect and developer for jrules based insurance discounting system
  • Senoir architect on superbetter, a ruby on rails social game hosted by engine yard
  • Lead Architect of next generation hotel booking engine using ruby on rails
  • Principal developer for cross platform mobile web booking solution using jruby
  • Architect and Key developer of consulting practice management tooling using ruby on rails and heroku

(8/2009-9/2010) Harvest Consultant (Lemans Corporation)

Web Architect

  • Principal contributor for enterprise IT governance process that gave leadership insight to problems in development process
  • Architect for key process and strategy guidance for PCI compliance, reducing risk profile for fines and non-compliance
  • Mentor for transition of operations team to Devops role
  • Drove virtualization strategy that reduced server build time from 3 days to 15 minutes
  • Refined team structure as well as development processes to compliment corporate objectives and increase delivery rate by 20 fold
  • Developed enterprise change management process using JIRA/Greenhopper and eliminated manual and paper process
  • Implemented enterprise wiki using Confluence
  • Developed product sites using Ruby on Rails

(6/2003-8/2009) Technical Specialist (Sears Holdings)

Technical Specialist

  • Developed Grails based product management system
  • Developed process to bridge legacy waterfall development methodology with iterative process
  • Designed, implemented, and supported multiple MySql databases
  • Developed distributed caching solution (eclipse, RAD, jgroups, ehcache, jboss cache, tangosol coherence)
  • Developed code quality metrics using static code analysis tools (coburtura, jdepend, findbugs)
  • Conducted J2EE application performance and heap tuning (jmeter, silkperformer, netbeans)
  • Designed Excel to J2EE RMI solutions using http and xml (VBscript, grails)
  • Facilitated User Experience (UX) enhancements to reduce business process overhead
  • Coordinated efforts between operations team, development team, networking team, business client area, and database team in support of:
  • Migration of Item Management System from mainframe database to distributed platform
  • Installation of IBM Q replication software
  • Websphere hardware migration from HP to AIX
  • Multiple JDK upgrades (1.3 to 1.4, 1.4 to 5)
  • Developed multiple distributed database and clustering architectures (replicated via jgroups, partitioned by server affinity, and stored in ehcache) to solve scalability problems
  • Developed fast-track vendor product set up system (Ruby on Rails, Windows, MySQL, Image Magick)
  • Implemented corporate supply chain item management system (Java, Websphere, AIX, DB2, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, RPC over HTTP)
  • Mentored development staff
  • Tuned production application performance
  • Investigated and tuned JVM settings on HP, AIX, window using IBM and Sun JVMs
  • Refined multi-threaded rules engine to achieve balance between database performance and user experience
  • Developed performance monitoring tools
  • Developed web item content management system (Java)
  • Developed consolidated user data service framework (Java, Spring RMI over http)
  • Developed command line ETL framework (Java, Ant, Db2, JDBC)
  • Developed mainframe DB2 performance monitoring software using Python, Jython, and Tomcat
  • Coordinated consulting, development, and operations teams operations
  • Facilitated corporate culture feedback sessions

(11/1999-4/2003) Maxim Group Contractor (Kmart Corporation)

Software Developer

  • Developed Enterprise “started application”
  • Developed Offline Check writing system (VB, SQL Server, Delphi)
  • Developed Royalty payment web front end (ASP, VB, MS Sql Server, Mainframe)
  • Ported associate online self service site from proprietary platform to tomcat/java (struts, java)
  • Developed scan based trading application (java, tomcat)
  • Maintained bank reconciliation system
  • Built java/web service component interfaces to allow online web site to interact with Peoplesoft HR

(6/1999-11/1999) Maxim Group Contractor (Oakland Schools)

Software Developer/DBA

  • Fixed bugs and implemented new features for Delphi student scheduling system
  • Maintained and tuned MSSQL databases for multiple school districts

(11/1998-8/1999) Database Developer/DBA Key Plastics

Database Developer

  • Designed, configured, and tuned MSSQL databases refining indexes, stored procedures, and queries
  • Created client/server engineering project management applications using VB and MSSQL
  • Maintained legacy engineering project management system (VB/MSSQL/Access)
  • Ported engineering project management system from VB to ASP

(8/1998-11/1998) Programmer Analyst Dorn Technology Group

Programmer Analyst

  • Wrote custom database transformation software using PIC and VB
  • Diagnosed and debugged risk management software in Revelation, MS Access, SQL Server, and VB
  • Worked with customers to solve unique problems with legacy system integration and data migration

(6/1996-8/1998) Special Projects Supervisor 10th PSC

Senior Analyst

  • Developed statistical data processing analysis software using unix shell scripts
  • Developed and maintained MS Access asset tracking databases
  • Maintained and secured classified information and data processing equipment
  • Installed, maintained, and operated SIDPERS equipment in austere environments
  • Supervised technical training operations team, developed training plans, conducted technical and end-user training

(11/1994-6/1996) Senior Analyst 1st PERSCOM

Senior Analyst

  • Implemented distributed personnel information processing platform throughout Europe
  • Managed remote high speed printing project implementation
  • Analyzed personnel information data processing statistics and developed processes to reduce error rates and increase data integrity.
  • Integrated Mainframe, AS400, PCDOS, Windows, and Linux data processing systems



  • Obtained Top Secret SCI security clearance
  • Developed animation and graphics software on Apple II/COCO
  • Developed adventure and graphics software on C64
  • Developed assembly graphics routines on C64
  • Developed sprite animation on C64
  • Developed 3d animation software using blender on linux/windows
  • Implemented and support Jboss, Tomcat, Apache, Glassfish web/application servers
  • Implemented and support Redhat, Ubuntu, Slackware, Caldera Linux desktops and servers
  • Developed soccer rotation software
  • http://rockfordayso.org/
  • http://findmysport.appspot.com
  • http://sourceforge.net/projects/thrust/
  • http://mikemainguy.blogspot.com
  • https://github.com/mmainguy
  • http://code.google.com/p/mainguymediacache/