Friends are important people! Here at Little Lamb Nursery

we value our friendships. Sometimes we don’t get along, and that is ok, but we always treat each other with respect and caring. When we need to work out a problem we use a magic trick. It is called “CLEAR magic”. The letters in clear stand for important things we can do to help our friends feel safe and secure. “C” stands for CONTROL; we will always get control of a situation. “L” stands for LISTEN; we will always listen, even when we don’t agree because everyone deserves to be heard. “E” stands for EXPLORE; we will figure out some different ways to solve our situation. “A” stands for AGREE; we will all agree on a way to fix the situation. “R” stands for RESUME”; we will all go back to what we were doing, or do what we agreed upon.

Guidelines to treating our friends with respect:

To reinforce these guidelines, we use the following procedure:

Agreeing on these Friendship Guidelines

To play with our Friends at Little Lamb Nursery we must

agree to these guidelines. We will read them over with our provider and our parent(s). We get a copy to keep at home and a copy at Child Care to help us remember.