Dear Jesus

Your Word says nothing shall separate us from Your love. We don’t see with physical eyes, but spiritual.

Tomorrow Mama and Papa Musa will see with Your eyes, and everything will be as You have planned it. Faith will triumph and praise will be in the hearts of Your people.

You are Judge, and all must bow the knee to Your Name. We are not afraid of what man can do to us, for man is like the withering grass.

The time is coming when all this will end, and all we will know is perfection. So we look for Your coming, when You will bring peace to the Earth. The Lion will lie down with the Lamb, there will be no more wars, no more tears, no more sickness.  

Let Mama, Papa and the little Musas all rest in Your arms tonight, and let them be filled with Your Holy Spirit.

Let them dream dreams, see visions, be filled with the joy of the Lord. Let the angels from Heaven encamp around them, and let all Heaven praise for what You have planned for this family.

Be with those who are representing them in Court, stand beside them and put Your words in their mouths. Strengthen all those who are standing with our Beloved Musa family through their hour of trial. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.