Spike sat nonchalantly staring at the clock in the library. It was how he spent most of the days when Twilight was on adventures with her friends that they left him behind on. Occasionally, he would read books that related to his interests such as joke-books, books about dragons, and, at times, handwriting books that Twilight would force on him, even though his calligraphy was already great compared to her's. Hearing a knock at the door, Spike mumbled to himself, “please don't be a pony that just wants to sleep in here,” as he got up to open it.

Opening the door, Spike found himself surprised, not quite pleasantly but almost, at seeing Apple Bloom and her two friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. All three seemed to have angry faces.

“Uh... Hi Apple Bloom,” Spike tried to be welcoming. “Is something wrong, because you all seem mad?”

“Yes Spike,” Apple Bloom responded, “something is wrong. My sister Apple Jack is always going on these adventures with her friends, but she never brings us along.”

“Well,” Spike said, “Twilight never brings me along, either. It's because the type of things they do are dangerous.”

“Not today's adventure,” Appleblood said as she shook her head, “today they went to some neighboring town to help clear out all the candy it was flooded with.”

Spike suddenly squinted his eye lids in anger. “They went on an adventure. To help a town flooded with candy? Twilight just said there was a flood, and that Princess Celestia had asked her and her friends to help out. Nothing about candy.”

“Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie wouldn't stop talking about the candy,” Scootaloo said, “that's how we found out.”

Spike started to look at his hands, trying to find some way to calm down the growing anger in him. Twilight knew how much he loved candy, surely there must've been some sort of miscommunication. “Are you sure that the town wasn't just known for its candy or something else that would've gotten them excited for candy?”

“Yeah, we're pretty sure. Unless they were lying along with the newspaper.” Sweetie Belle levitated a newspaper towards Spike after saying this. Sure enough, there was a picture of a town completely flooded in all sorts of candy on it.

Spike squinted his eyes even more. “Okay. So, you've come here for my help in setting up pranks to get back at them, right?”

“Well actually,” Scootaloo said “we were planning on vandal-” Apple Bloom turned her head to Scootaloo, prompting her to stop talking.

“Yes Spike,” Apple Bloom said, “we don't want to do anything really bad, or hurt any pony, just some small pranks.”

“Well, you came to the right dragon,” Spike said with a grin that showed his fangs. “Twilight said they wouldn't be back until noon tomorrow, and it's going to be noon soon, so let's get to work. Hehehe.”

Rainbow Dash flew towards her house's door triumphantly, proud to be home after having a grand adventure helping clear a neighboring town of its candy. However, as she walked inside, she found herself being pushed back out by a large blue and yellow fan.

Hiding on a cloud, Scootaloo forced herself to not laugh at the sight of Rainbow Dash staring at the fan they had set up in her house with a mix of confusion and fear. However, these emotions were quickly replaced by Rainbow Dash's usual determination as she tried to fly back into her house. This attempt failed, and she only made it to the doorway before being pushed back.

Scootaloo leaked giggles as Rainbow Dash tried again and again to get into her house, only to be pushed back over and over again. Eventually Scootaloo got bored of this broken comedy record, and decided to see how the prank they planted for Pinkie Pie was growing.

Apple Jack tipped her hat off as she entered her house. “Apple Bloom,” Apple Jack shouted, “I'm back, and I brought you some candy! Sorry you couldn't have come with us, but there's a reason.” Apple Bloom, who was hiding herself in a cardboard box close to Apple Jack, opened her eyes wide, having not expected for her sister to be like this. Deciding to talk to Apple Jack some, Apple Bloom came out of the cardboard box, surprising Apple Jack. “Apple Bloom, what were you deciding in that cardboard box?”

“Playing,” Apple Bloom answered, not giving the full answer of 'playing a prank on you'.

“That's a mighty weird way of playing if you ask me,” Apple Jack said, “but anyway, I really did want to have brought you with us. It would've been a nice way for you to get use to the physical activity required by apple bucking. But Twilight Sparkle said no to bringing you, because some ponies up in that town had gotten sick by eating too much candy, and Twilight said that if they saw a cute little pony like you, they would've gotten this thing called diabetes.”

“What's diabetes?” Apple Bloom asked, gradually realizing that her and the others weren't brought for an important reason.

“It's apparently a disease that ponies get when they eat too much sweets or see something cute.” Apple Jack answered. “Fluttershy gave it to some ponies actually. It was not a pretty sight to behold at all. Anyway, I was thinking maybe we would do something special this weekend if we had the free time. Could just be me, you, and maybe some other ponies if you want.”

Apple Bloom then opened her eyes to the fact that she had allowed for her anger to cloud her judgement. Being the sister of the pony that possessed the Element of Harmony Honesty, it was very hard for Apple Bloom to not be honest. “Um, Apple Jack,” Apple Bloom started to talk to her sister, “you don't want to go into your room.”

“Why wouldn't I want to go into my room, Apple Bloom?” Apple Jack asked, raising an eye brow.

“There's a bucket of apple sauce on top of the door,” Apple Bloom said. Apple Bloom expected her sister to be angry, but found that she only kept her smile on. “You're not mad, are you?”

“Nope,” Apple Jack responded, “I'm a tad bit disappointed, but I did the exact same thing when I was little when Big Mac went on a trip and didn't take me. I couldn't lie to him either though, so I'm a little proud that you're just as honest as me, and that you'll always tell the truth.”

“Always?” Apple Bloom asked, hoping that it wouldn't be necessary for her to give away the whole truth.

“...That's a sign of lying and hiding, you know how I know that?” Apple Jack asked.

“I'm not lying,” Apple Bloom replied before trying to focus her eyes on something to turn the conversation to.

“Trust me sugar, it'll be better if you just tell me the truth right now.” Apple Jack said. “An Apple can always tell when another Apple is lying.”

Apple Bloom gulped before responding. “I'm sorry Apple Jack... Me and the others Cutie Crusaders... and Spike, felt angry about being left out, so we set up pranks for all of you, because we thought it would be funny, an-”

“Calm down, Apple Bloom,” Apple Jack said to the little pony who's talking was getting faster and faster until she was interrupted. “We can get to the others quickly, and it's not like you did anything worse than what Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash do for their pranks, right?”

“Right!” Apple Bloom said, smiling since Apple Jack was smiling.

“And please tell me y'all didn't set up a prank for Fluttershy.” Apple Jack stated.

Apple Bloom froze in regret and fear when Apple Jack said that.

“Apple Bloom, please tell me that whatever you did to Fluttershy, it would be nothing that would scare her.” Apple Jack said.

Apple Bloom kicked the grown with her hoof awkwardly. “Uh.. Well you see... We placed a poster of a dragon's eye behind a window... But she shouldn't open the blinds up, right?”

Apple Jack faced-hoof. “Apple Bloom, why did y'all do that? To Fluttershy of all ponies?”

“We were angry...” Apple Bloom said, using the truthful reason.

“Apple Bloom,” a now grumpy Apple Jack said, “that isn't a good excuse. Fluttershy did nothing to y'all.”

“But Spike and Scootaloo were the ones who wanted to do it. Me and Sweetie Belle's idea was to just place butter on the floor so she would maybe slide around some.” Apple Bloom said, trying to excuse herself.

“Butter?” Apple Jack asked.

“Fluttershy's yellow,” Apple Bloom said, “and flutter rhymes with butter.”

“Ugh.. Well, we better get going then to go help Fluttershy,” Apple Jack said as she dropped her saddles filled with candy and put her hat back on. Apple Jack and Apple Bloom then opened the door to leave, but saw Rarity and Sweetie Belle standing there, with Rarity looking disappointed and Sweetie Belle looking guilty.

“Excuse me Apple Jack,” Rarity said, “but according to my young cousin Sweetie Belle here, the 'Cutie Crusaders' apparently set pranks up for all of us. As expected though, Sweetie Belle stayed true to the way her parents and I are raising her, and she told me about the multiple buckets of water set up in my studio.”

“Buckets of water?” Apple Jack said as she looked at Apple Bloom. “Okay, so y'all set up a bucket of apple sauce for me, buckets of water for Rarity, and then decide to scare Fluttershy by making her think there's a dragon outside of her house? That there sounds like varying degrees of qualities.”

“Me and Sweetie Belle were the ones who wanted to use buckets...” Apple Bloom muttered to try to make the situation easier for herself and Sweetie Belle.

“I'm saying that that dragon prank would be pretty good if it wasn't for the fact that it's being used on Fluttershy. Now come on, we have to go. Hope you don't mind, Rarity. You can come with us if you like.”

“I think I shall, if only to give Sweetie Belle and her friends a stern talking about what they've done.” After that, the four ponies left the Apple residence.

Twilight stared at the new book she was holding in confusion. All the letters were jumbled up. “Something wrong, Twilight?” Spike asked.

Twilight turned to him and showed him the book. “Spike, this book is unreadable!”

“Twilight, isn't that a bit unfair to say right away? You haven't given the writer a chance to show better grammar yet,” Spike criticized with a smile.

“No Spike, that isn't what I meant!” Twilight shouted as she showed Spike the inside of the book.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” Spike began reading.

Twilight looked at Spike and then the book. The letters were still jumbled up. However, after thinking for a moment, she sighed. “Spike, you tried this prank last month. And you said the exact same words while pretending to be reading.”

Spike sighed and scratch his head, “yeah, I probably should've tried to be more original this time. Just we only had a day to prepare all these pranks, and-”

“We?” Twilight asked.

“Me and the Cutie Crusaders.” Spike answered. “We were sort of angry about being left behind yesterday, so they came to see me to help get back at all of you.”

“Why?” Twilight asked.

“You went to a town. Flooded with candy. There's nothing dangerous about that, and plus, candy is everywhere.” Spike responded.

“Well, we didn't take the Cutie Crusaders as they would most likely give every pony diabetes, and we left you behind because we trust you.” Twilight said.

“What?” Spike asked, confused about why he's often left behind because he's trusted.

“You see Spike, if something were to ever to happen to us while out on an adventure, it would be up to you to fix whatever is wrong. I trust you to be responsible, brave, and smart enough to save the day if we ever fail. It also helps that you have direct communication with Princess Celestia, and should we able to temporarily give you the body of a mature dragon if the situation calls for it.” Twilight answered.

“Wow Twilight... I never knew that... T-thank you.” Spike said, shocked by that truth.

There was a knock at the door. Spike went over and opened it, letting in Fluttershy who was holding a poster of a dragon's eye. “Uh... Hi Spike, I found this poster being blown against a tree by the wind. I was thinking that since it's of a dragon, that maybe it would belong to you... I don't mean to say that just because there's a dragon on it that it automatically belongs to a dragon, just that I remember you look at magazines that feature pictures of dragons like this, so I thought I would see you first to see if this belonged to you.”

Spike smiled at Fluttershy's attempt to be sensitive regarding race. “Why thank you Fluttershy. I was wonder what happened to this when it was blew out of the window yesterday.”

Fluttershy bought Spike's lie. “Your welcome. Oh Twilight, do you know how those ponies that got diabetes are doing?”

Twilight forced a smile on herself. “They're doing good Fluttershy. They're just going to be needing shots.”

Suddenly, Apple Jack, Apple Bloom, Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie walked into the library. Pinkie Pie was writing down numbers on a piece of paper. “Twilight, we need to talk about what all these young ones did while we were out.” Apple Jack said.

“Spike? What did all of you do?” Twilight asked, her tone threatening to become angry.

“Well, uh let's see...” Spike said, he then thought to himself briefly before answering. “We jumbled up the letters in your book. Place a bucket of old apple sauce in Apple Jack's room along with changing the taste of her morning apples into cinnamon-”

“You what!?” Apple Jack said, turning to Apple Bloom who walked over behind Spike.

“We place buckets of water all over Rarity's studio, no offense, Rarity.” Spike continued.

Rarity gave a “hmmp,” before turning her head in pride.

“We couldn't decide what to do for Fluttershy, so we just compromised and sticked a picture of a dragon to her window... using butter, which wasn't that good of an idea in hind sight. Then we left a note for Pinkie Pie saying that there was going to be a pie party, but to be able to attend, she would have to fully write out the number of pie.” Spike said this and then turned to Pinkie Pie, who still kept writing down numbers.

“I think I'm almost done! I bet this party is going to be really good!” Pinkie Pie kept her excitement going.

“And what did y'all do to prank Rainbow Dash?” Apple Jack asked.

“Oh, we just used a big fan to keep blowing her out of her house.” Spike answered.

“When I checked on her, she was just trying over and over again to get in.” Scootaloo added.

“Wait... Where did y'all get a fan strong enough to push back Rainbow Dash?” Apple Jack asked.

“We were given it by this weird two-legged blue, white, and pink creature with a massive mustache.” Spike said. “He just kept rambling on and on about how he hated some guy named Dr. Light, and how he planned to take over the world and all that. I'm pretty sure he was just crazy.”

Suddenly, shock grew on Twilight's and Spike's faces as Twilight shouted “Rainbow Dash!” And pointed outside. Turning around to see what happened, everyone saw AIRMAN placing a knocked-out Rainbow Dash onto the ground.

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE BUILT THIS WAY? WITH ONLY THE POWER TO PUSH OTHERS AWAY?” Airman than proceeded to annihilated all of Equestria out of anger towards the magic of friendship.