Tammy Clemons

Title: Sustainability Activist

Phone: 859-893-9761      

Email: tambonita@wildmail.com

Experience/Education: B.A. Women's Studies (Berea College), MTS (Harvard Divinity School, almost a decade working in higher ed, 3 1/2 years as BC Sustainability Coordinator, 20 years local sustainability activist and 15+ years as homesteader

Presentation: Green Office Workshop

Audience: Any

Fee: Negotiable


Information and resources for making your office a more sustainable workplace

Presentation: Green Event Planning Workshop

Audience: Any

Fee: Negotiable


Information and resources for making your programs and events more sustainable

John Eisiminger

Title: KY EXCEL Program Coordinator

Phone: 800-926-8111   502-564-0323

E-mail: john.eisiminger@ky.gov


BS, Civil Engineering

14 yrs of experience in state government working in the Department for Environmental Protection

Presentation: Environmental Leadership

Audience: High school, college, general public or development professionals.  (Will tailor presentation to specific audience.)  

Fee: None

Description: KY EXCEL is a voluntary program open to any individual, organization, community or business that wishes to improve and protect Kentucky’s environment in ways that extend beyond Kentucky’s environmental requirements.

Jane Eller

Title: Sustainability Consultant

Phone: 859 229-8091

Email: jane.eller3@gmail.com

Education/Experience: Retired Director of the Kentucky Environmental Education Council, served five years on the Federal Advisory Council on Environmental Educational (co-authored 2004 Report to Congress on Environmental Education), served three years on the board of the North American Association for Environmental Education, author of the Kentucky Survey of Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors (1999, 2004, 2009).

Presentation: Why Environmental Literacy is so Much More Complex than Just Hugging Trees and How You Can Become a More Literate, and Effective,  Tree Hugger.

Audience: General

Fee: $200

Description: This presentation, which includes audience interaction, discusses the general level of environmental literacy in Kentucky and the U.S. It also describes how each of us can better understand current environmental issues, including how our everyday actions affect the environment on which we depend.  

Arnita Gadson

Title: Executive Director, Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission

Phone: 502-564-2674

Email: Arnita.gadson@ky.gov

Experience/Education: MA, Business Management and Human Resources

15 years experience in Community Environmental Relations.  Past Executive Director of the West Jefferson Community Task force, the conduit community organization spearheading the STAR (Strategic Toxic Air Regulation) project, Air Regulation changes in Jefferson County.

Past Environment Justice Director at theUniversity of Louisville.

Presentation: Community Driven  Environmental Concerns, Intervention and Involvement. How Global or State Issues Affect Us at Home.

Audience: Those interested in learning about/improving community involvement specific to their area or in general.  

Fee: Negotiable.

Description: Presentations include the use of power point, handouts and participatory interaction. Group development depending on length of time, issues and characteristics of forum requested is also used.  The subjects are driven by the needs.  Most areas have different concerns. I provide a basis and step by step progressions to finding solutions.

Carolyn Gilles

Title: Owner of Bourbon & Beans and The Wholesome Chef

Phone: 646-379-0861

Email: carolyn@bourbonandbeans.com

Experience/Education: B.S. Social Enterprise, The New School; Chef's Training Diploma, Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts; Master's in Business Administration, Midway College (in progress)

Presentation: Teaching to cook local foods; How to organize a business around social issues, etc.

Audience: All ages

Fee: Please inquire

Description: Talents in the kitchen and the office! Kitchen: teaches clients about the connection between food, health and how to prepare local, seasonal, organic foods that are accessible to the average person. Office: helps small business clients integrate social enterprise activities into their businesses, offering strategic planning, communication design and ad and magazine layout. Strong organizational structure, marketing plans can lead to effective social change.

Knox van Nagell

Title: Executive Director

Phone: 859-281-1202

Email: director@fayettealliance.com

Experience/Education: J.D., U.K. College of Law

Executive Director, The Fayette Alliance

Presentation: Advocating for a Sustainable Lexington

Audience: General Public

Fee: none

Description: Highlights the land-use challenges and opportunities facing Lexington Fayette, and speaks to The Fayette Alliance's role in advocating for a sustainable Lexington that benefits all of us.

Herb Petitjean

Title: Brownfield Coordinator

Phone: 800-926-8111   502-564-0323

E-mail:  Herb.Petitjean@ky.gov


BS, Physics/Math; MA Science Education

13 yrs of teaching at the high school and college levels.

17 yrs of experience in assessment and remediation of contaminated properties

Presentation: T urning Environmental Liabilities into Community Resources

Audience: High school, college, general public or development professionals.  (Will tailor presentation to specific audience.)  

Fee: None

Description:  Brownfields are properties, such as old factories or gas stations, that are abandoned or underutilized due to real or perceived contamination. Learn how these properties can be cleaned up and brought back into productive use.

Dennis R. Rader

Title: Author, Professor

Phone: 606-627-2855

Email: Hogsonice@yahoo.com


30 years teaching

Doctorate in Education

Experienced speaker

Author: see www.learning-redefined.com

Co-founder, KidsGrowKentucky: an organization dedicated to getting kids outside, both literally and metaphorically, through curriculum that incorporates the right brain.

Presentation: Grass Roots Education

Audience: General, as well as parents, children, and teachers.

Fee: Negotiable

Description: Grass roots education means community building through addressing the culture of passivity that is primarily transmitted through our schooling, and exacerbated by other cultural influences. Active learners will be more green in their consciousness and action.

Keiko Tanaka

Title: Associate Professor

Phone: (859) 257-6878

Email: ktanaka@uky.edu


PhD in Sociology from Michigan State University (1997) ; 1998-2001. University of Canterbury; 2001-present. University of Kentucky

Presentation: On local food, community food security, the role of scientific research, the social aspect of sustainable agriculture, partnership between universities and community-based organization

Audience: Any

Fee: Negotiable

Description: Please check the website of my integrated research, teaching, and outreach project, Lexington Community Food Assessment Project at: http://uky.ag/lcfa/