#198 Show Notes

Host: Vic

Co-Hosts: John S., Patrick

Time: Saturday, June 28th 2:00 PM EDT

Host and Co-host specific notes are displayed like this

All Hosts and Co-Hosts must read “How to Host an Episode of Podcast 17” before coming on the show.  The host needs to read chapter 1 but all hosts/cohosts must read Chapter 2 and 3.  Remember to read the tips at the bottom of the agenda... they are a summary of the changes being enacted for this episode.  

Intros and Heads Up!

Free range segment where you talk about what mods/games you have been playing.  This is where you will mention new mods but don’t focus on them like media blitz  If it doesn’t feel natural, drop it.

Podcast 17 News

Follow-Up & Errata

From the Mouth of Valve

Releases and Updates

We are only going to be discussing and reviewing mods if majority of the hosts have played them.  If you are struggling to say something or just making general statements about it, just move on.

Discussion Topics

Mention to submit community discussion topics to the google doc form

N3 D (Non-Noteworthy News & Discussion)

Put all former media blitz items here and other news that would not be good for discussion.  This news will NOT be featured on the podcast and will just be used as a resource.  If one of these topics can become a discussion move it to there and add the major point you will be discussing.

Post-Show Play Session

Get a chance to play a game with the cast and crew of P17.  Join us in our mumble server ( to talk with us after the show.  Feel free to come back during the week and talk/play with other community members.

Tips to Remember!