Brief Overview of CR/CW Board of Director Position Job Duties

July 19, 2011


Re: Board Candidates Needed

Dear Homeowner,

The Nominating committee is seeking candidates for the board positions for the 2012 HOA elections.  There are three board positions up for election this year.  If you’ve been thinking about volunteering with the HOA, then now is the perfect time to get more information.  The nominating committee is organizing a number of pre-election activities this fall so that interested parties can find out about the duties and requirements before making a decision to seek nomination.  This is also so that interested homeowners can find out more about the candidates before the busy holiday season and the election in January 2012.

This year the nomination process starts with this letter to all homeowners seeking candidates for the board.  In September and October potential candidates will work with the nominating committee to prepare for a community meeting on November 1st where interested homeowners can meet and hear from candidates.  Finally, the elections will be held in January at the annual HOA meeting.  

In the past few years here has been an increased interest in the HOA.  We hope that this interest results in more people getting involved and volunteering to serve either on the board or one of the many other opportunities available.  Please find a description of the duties of the boards various officers on the back side of this letter.



President:  Organize and preside at all Monthly Board Meetings and the Annual HOA Meeting. Make sure all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out properly. May need to sign (as Pres. of CR/CW HOA) certain legal documents or contracts or Insurance policies.

Vice President:  Shall act in place of the President in the event of the President’s absence. If the President shall leave the position (resign or be removed) the Vice President will assume the President’s duties until the Board meets and appoints a new President.

Treasurer:  Oversee the receipt of and deposit in the proper bank accounts all monies of the HOA. The Treasurer shall oversee the proper disbursement of funds as per the Boards directions. Oversee the proper books of the HOA Account.  Cause an annual review of the HOA’s Books by a Public Accountant.  Shall oversee the preparation of an annual budget and a statement of income and expenses to be presented at each Annual Meeting and a copy provided to each HO.

Legal and Insurance:  Oversee that HOA and Board of Directors has proper Insurance coverage. Maintain relationship with HOA Lawyer regarding any and all HOA issues. Report at Monthly meetings and at Annual Meeting of Legal and Insurance activity.

Common Area Maintenance:  Oversee all common areas; these are the entrances, the 2 Parks and several areas by Retention Ponds. Inspect and maintain all Playground Equipment, Mutt Mitt stations, all Entrance Signs, all the other signs in the Parks that belong to the HOA, all the garbage cans at the Parks, the wooden bridge at CR Park and any other HOA property. Maintain and oversee the HOA’s Landscape Co. work and contact and arrange for any extra or emergency situations that may arise. This job is also the contact with our King County Sheriff’s Officer for our contracted monthly HOA security service. This involves coordinating any HO’s complaints/comments/requests with the Officer, and requesting what areas and what activities we want monitored. Monthly reports are to be presented at the monthly HOA Meeting.

Complaints:  Oversee the Complaint Committee and receive and act upon all complaints that are received in writing and signed. Investigate whether they are valid (as per the HOA CC&R’s and R&R’s) validate and send out proper letters. Follow up on any required action and coordinate any appeal hearings. Initiate any fines for noncompliance and notify Treasurer and Bookkeeper and the Board, and keep records of such.

Architectural Control Committee:  Oversee the ACC Committee and receive and act upon all ACC request forms submitted. Determine if work and material is acceptable as per HOA guidelines and spec’s and notify Home Owner if approved or if changes need to be made. Follow up on work to see if done as agreed upon and keep records of such.

All Board members are expected to attend each HOA monthly meeting and the Annual Meeting, and give their Monthly/Annual report.  Board members are also expected to help on various committees and activities. Absences are normal, but you should if possible get your monthly report to another Board Member to present at the Meeting.